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Tips on How to Reducing Boredom Can Improve Pets Behavior from Blue Chip Pet Care

Tips on How to Reducing Boredom Can Improve Pets Behavior from Blue Chip Pet Care

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Nashville, TN (PRWEB) November 13, 2012

Signs of Boredom:

Dogs that bark continuously, get into the trash, chew on furniture/shoes etc. These are signs of bad behavior stem from boredom. The is especially notable in high energy breeds. Luckily there is a simple mixture to reduce boredom. Release energy and establish a routine. If a pet is crated, or home alone for hours at a time an owner’s life will be more and more difficult. An owner will have a hard time training, an owner will incur higher vet costs and peers will hate to see that badly behaved dog heading their way. Boredom in pets can lead to destruction of personal items, high vet bills and even death because a pet has eaten something harmful while an owner was away.

Boredom will become an issue at some point, just as a toddler might do. He or she is going to find a way to get in trouble. However, the trick is to minimize these issues is to keep pets on a schedule. Just like toddlers, dogs do not like surprises and love routine. Whether a two legged or four legged parent you have probably noticed this but might not fully understand the importance of routine.

Good Practices:

Chances are you have already established some kind of routine with your pet. It probably goes something like this, wake up and let Fido out to use the restroom and then come back in and feed. Then get ready for the day, let Fido out one last time before leaving for work. Possibly leave a Kong with peanut butter if in the pet’s crate. This helps but lets take it a step further. Keeping a pet in a crate for more than five hours is not appropriate for any dog. Even five hours is considered by some experts as to long but for the sake of beginning lets say five hours is okay if the appropriate measures are taken.

Exercise, this is the best reward for a dog. Yes even better than a bone, a pet might disagree but this is true. Exercise alone will improve your pets behavior, deposition and make training much easier. Pets thrives on attention, exercise and positive reinforcement. Leaving your pet in a crate for extended periods of time only bottles up energy making your job twice as hard once you get home when all someone wants to do is sit down and relax after a long day.

Recommended Routine:

First, one should take a look at their schedule and if it is a busy one the idea of a pet sitter and dog walker can dramatically improve behavior and make your life much more easy. This increase in cost might actually reduce future vet costs and they save pet owners a lot of trouble. A good pet sitter can not only help out to get your pet on a routine, but also if something comes up last minute at the office established companies can feel emergency requests. Traveling is also a great time for a pet sitter and dog walker. Traveling is difficult on your pet because it is hard for them to maintain their routine if they are staying at a kennel or boarding house. There are some companies such as Blue Chip Pet Care, who will tailor services to keep pets on their normal routine. Pet feel safe and comfortable in their routine and at home. This not only reduces stress on owners and pets but when owners return there is no ground lost.

Secondly, owners can also start out with a good walk in the AM, then off to work. Possibly have a good bone for the pet while you are away. Elk bones are the best because they splinter the least. Pig Ears, Raw Hides and lactic can be dangerous if the pet is home alone as they can become choking hazards. If an owner lives near a railroad crossing or in the city a noise maker is a good investment or play classical music on low column to create a more relaxed in environment. Once back home, try another dog walk before dinner or a quick let out then longer walk in the evening. This will re-charge the owner and also get some of that energy out of the pet. Hold off on treats while you are away because depending on the ingredients they can provoke the problem. Have a safe and happy holiday!


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Cold Weather Means the Perfect Time for New Dog Sweaters, Jackets and Other Clothing Available from Little Pampered Pets

Cold Weather Means the Perfect Time for New Dog Sweaters, Jackets and Other Clothing Available from Little Pampered Pets

Phoenix, Arizona (PRWEB) January 17, 2013

Little Pampered Pets, the leading provider of adorable clothing for large and small dogs, has recently updated their inventory with new options for pet lovers looking to keep their dogs warm this winter. With cold, winter like conditions hitting usually warm parts of the country like Los Angeles and Phoenix, some dog owners might not be prepared. Luckily, Little Pampered Pets has just recently added hundreds of new options in popular categories like designer dog sweaters and jackets. These new product options come in a wide assortment of shapes, sizes and colors, and are perfect for both small and large breeds. With this mega-update, Little Pampered Pets hopes to keep dogs safe from potential illnesses associated with unregulated body temperature.

This year, many parts of the country that are not used to freezing conditions have been hit with near record lows. In Phoenix, Arizona, homeowners have been forced to cover their plants with burlap, or risk losing them to the freeze. Like these plants, pets also need to stay warm, as they can become ill with lack of proper protection. Pet owners in areas like Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Diego, Tucson and other usually temperate climates are advised to outfit their dogs with clothes that can keep them safe and warm. From insulated jackets, to snugly sweaters, these outfits available from Little Pampered Pets can keep your dog warm. Available in a wide assortment of trendy colors from the top manufacturers in the pet industry, there is something for every breed, and every dog at Little Pampered Pets.

Keeping dogs warm is not only important, but can also be a way to show their fashion sense. Little Pampered Pets has hundreds of options for the discerning dog fashion aficionado looking to add a little flair when walking down the street. The adorable small dog jackets and sweaters offered by Little Pampered Pets are some of the cutest available, and come in various shapes, sizes and fabric options. From designers like Zack & Zooey, Casual Canine and East Side Collection, these adorable outfits provide not only warmth, but also accentuate their owner’s style.

Keeping their dogs warm should a top priority for any pet owner, and with the hundreds of new options of adorable cute dog coats and sweaters available from Little Pampered Pets, there is something for every fashionable dog owner. For those looking to save even more than the already low prices offered by Little Pampered Pets, customers can utilize the promotional code “LPPWINTER10” to get 10% off all orders. This special is only available for a limited time, so those looking to keep their dogs warm, or just outfit them with the cutest large and small dog clothes available should shop today!

About Little Pampered Pets

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