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How Can We Get Respect From Dogs?

Question by OctoberGirl: How Can We Get Respect From Dogs?
It may be too late, but our family is desperate for respect from our two dogs. One is nine and the other is 12. They have largely always been disobedient dogs, but since my dad died they have seemed to have gotten much worse. He was the only one who could command any respect from them! They bark c-o-n-s-t-a-n-t-l-y, sometimes they just start barking for no reason. They sneak and steal food. They get in the cat’s litter box. We are at our wit’s end. The thing is, it sounds like we’ve always let them do what they want, but that isn’t so. All of their lives we’ve tried to teach them and it’s just NOT worked. We even took the older one to obedience school. When I try to command respect, like my dad did, the dogs don’t take me seriously… but they act afraid of me. If I come into the room, the younger dog actually shakes. I’VE NEVER DONE A THING TO THESE DOGS. Secondly, why do they act afraid of me but still run rampant however they want? I don’t get it. How can we find a happy solution?

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Answer by BUCK_ID
The answer is within yourself. You cannot force dogs to respect you, but you will earn it by providing them with rules, boundaries and limitations. If obedience class didn’t work, you either had a bad teacher, or you didn’t do any homework with the dogs. You can’t expect to go to class once a week and have the dog learn something. You have to work on it everyday, even after class is finished. Dogs always want to be lead.

I recommend you find another obedience class, and in the meantime, read up on dog behavior. Cesar Millan has a great book, as does Patricia O’Connell (The other end of the leash) and The Dog Listener by Jan Fennell.

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