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Q&A: How to deal with a barking dog?

Question by Just Poking around: How to deal with a barking dog?
We live in a quiet burb except for the neighbor behind us has a lab that BARKS ALL NIGHT. My husband and I lie awake plotting the demise of this animal. We have spoken to the owner and he insist that it is not his dog, “it never barks”, yet we can look out our window and see it barking away. Don’t want to make enemies, but I need some sleep!

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Answer by tommo2767
shoot it, works every time

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is the wax from yankee candles poisonous to dogs?


Question by Casey: is the wax from yankee candles poisonous to dogs?
i have a “toy” yorkie and one of my candles that had been heated (by a plate warmer deal for candles) tipped over and a small amount just singed her hair. There is still small “bits” of the wax on her coat and I would like to know if Yankee Candle wax is toxic…thanks!

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Answer by Jenny Manyteeth
Probably not to the touch, but it is paraffin, based on crude oil, so I recommend you clip it out of her coat before she eats it. That would NOT be good for her.

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Dusty — Submitted by Carrie in Massillon, Ohio

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Dusty — Submitted by Carrie in Massillon, Ohio

Image by humanesocietyoftheunitedstates
Reason #336,213: I found Dusty at a local dog pound I had recently started volunteering for, after losing my best friend Max. Max was an adorable Basset Hound, I loved for almost 14 yrs. My heart was broken when he died, I never wanted another dog. Then I saw this filthy, tick infested beagle/mix in a cage. So sick, and weak, he wouldn’t even get up. Dusty was going to be PTS due to his age and health. He melted my heart at once, I took him home. Dusty even had 15 minutes of fame, he won 2nd place in a cutest dog contest hosted by Dick Goddard, local meteorologist and an animal advocate. I had the joy of being Dusty’s friend for 16 months. Dusty died 8/16/11, but his paw prints are on my heart forever. [To submit your own reason why you love your pet, click here.]