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Question by Anne V: If a toddler makes an animal sound does this count as the toddler saying a word?
I have a 17 month old son who says a couple of words. In addition, he says a bunch of animal sounds. However, he will not say the name of the animal. For example, he will say “moo” but not “cow.” He will bark but will not say “dog.” He also will say “vroom” but will not say “truck.” Do these sounds count as words? I’m not trying to score the number of words he says. I’m just curious.

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Answer by Whisky
I guess you could count them as words, but they are more like Onomatopoeia…

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Family dog put to sleep… wakes up hours later

Family dog put to sleep… wakes up hours later
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What movies and songs remind you of summer?

Question by ☼: What movies and songs remind you of summer?
I was watching “Across the Universe” and “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” for like the 84th time already. And I suddenly remembered the first time I watched both movies. It was sometime around mid-July of 2008. It reminded me of the warm and long summer nights.

Now that summer is around the corner for most; what movies and songs remind you of summer?

Do you get a feeling of excitement when summer is approaching by?
What is it about summer that makes it so wonderful to you?

Have a lovely day!

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Answer by Jessica
Thunder – Boys Like Girls

BQ: not really.

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Small Dogs are King: Kisses Test

We’re firm believers that good things come in small packages. Watch as we put a small dog to the ultimate kissing challenge against his big dog friend. Hartz Crunch ‘n Clean® Mini Bites™ are the perfect reward for this petite winner—specially formulated to provide a burst flavor for the small dog that deserves a treat that matches his personality!
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