Small Dogs Are Not Just Fashion Accessories

Skokie, IL (PRWEB) August 30, 2005

Small dogs are more than just cute fashion accessories, according to Hope Saidel, co-owner of, online store especially for small dogs. carries fun, affordable and practical products especially suited for small dogs. “Of course we know they look adorable all dressed up. But real people, in their real lives, need practical products for their small dogs – not an outfit for every day of the week.

“Owners of tiny and small dogs can’t just walk into any pet store and find appropriate items for their dogs. Even though they’re small, they’re still real dogs. They need collars and leashes that don’t weigh more than they do. They need bowls they can reach into, but not fall into. They need toys they can get into their mouths and carry. They need chew toys they can hold and chew.” Saidel continues: “And most important of all – they need treats that aren’t the size of a meal.”

Hope and her sister, Fran, started GollyGear to meet those needs. The sisters have owned small dogs since childhood and knew exactly what they were looking for. “We know it’s fun to put costumes on our dogs for special occasions. But on a daily basis our dogs don’t need wardrobes. They need dog stuff. For little dogs.” GollyGear was named for Fran Saidel’s 9-year-old Brussels Griffon, Golly G Whilikers. Fran says, with a chuckle, “She’s our most finicky product tester, so we thought it was only fair. If Golly likes it – chances are most small dogs will agree. She has that whole ‘diva’ attitude.”

The Saidel sisters have searched for products all over this country and others to find the product mix featured on the website. “We use our slogan like a mantra: fun, affordable, practical. If the product doesn’t meet those requirements, we don’t carry it. And we won’t compromise on quality. The best for the money, is what we look for,” Fran says. “We know that people can spend hundreds of dollars on a dog carrier, buy why should they? We think it’s more fun to find a cute, trendy style and spend less than $ 50.”

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