Question by Θ▓♥•Briannah•♥▓Θ: How Do You Raise A Dog?
My brother,sister,and me just got a dog today.Its so small and cute.But the main problem is how do you raise it? And my brother was like lets breed it! And i was like no its just a puppy and we just got it.Should i breed it?It really likes the neighbor dog and they were alone and i think they in love
he is like 2 months old and he is so cute can you tell me stories about your dog because my sister wants to get rid of the dog so we need to tell her good stuff about dogs!But my brother and me love the cute little doggy. =) ♣♥

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Answer by Julia Garbett
If you are considering in breeding dogs, don’t do it until your dog is over 2 years old. It needs time to grow and if the puppies are born from a mother that hasn’t finished growing they may have growth disabilities! So, raise it to your best abilities but don’t do anything you’ll regret later on! :)

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