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Lakes Country Living Points the Camera at Rural Destinations in Two New Episodes

Lakes Country Living Points the Camera at Rural Destinations in Two New Episodes

Spidahl Ski Gaard

Brandon, MI (PRWEB) February 28, 2013

Opening onto a winter wonderland of steep wooded trails and sweeping hilltop vistas overlooking frozen lakes, Lakes Country Living introduces viewers to Spidahl Ski Gaard in its newest episode. The rolling glacial moraine of Otter Tail County provides the backdrop as the television camera pans skiers of all ages. With a soft voice, owner David Spidahl explains how his father would pronounce “ski gaard” in Norwegian, meaning “ski farm.” This is the kind of setting and subject matter television viewers have come to expect from the show’s producer and host, Stephen Henning — a landscape painter who lives in the region. The family-owned and operated venture, unique and fighting the uphill battle of a small business during challenging economic times and unpredictable Midwestern weather — the type of story Henning seeks to share with audiences. Cindy Spidahl, David’s wife, explains how a local chapter of the MN Youth Ski League and a local high school ski team, both essential supporters of their business and prospective future visitors, utilize the 25 kilometers of groomed trails on their property to mutual advantage.

In a similar story, the camera reveals wide, open meadowlands in neighboring Grant County. Filmed during an FFA Field Day in early fall, this story showcases another entrepreneurial outdoors venture. Elk Lake Heritage Preserve lies in the heart of prime habitat for upland game birds, with stocked lakes for guaranteed good fishing. Owners Ed and Nettie Loeffler discuss the wide-range of year-round activities at Elk Lake, enhanced by Ed’s experience as a dog trainer. Beautiful shots of fields, streams and lakes on the property combined with images of sportsmen using various Elk Lake amenities give local color to the story.

Elk Lake Heritage Preserve was also the setting for another episode of Lakes Country Living. “Large Munsterlanders Take the Field” aired earlier in the show’s third season, and showcased a relatively new breed of hunting dog that is fast gaining popularity. “Elk Lake graciously provided an excellent location for our dogs’ warm-up training early in the year,” said Mike Marsh, one of the dog breeders interviewed in the story. “It has challenging terrain, and the video coverage by Lakes Country Living demonstrates this breed’s true capabilities when hunting in extremely dry and windy conditions.”

Stories focused on outdoor life have been an integral part of the program’s content ever since Lakes Country Living started airing in the fall of 2010. Several State Parks have been highlighted, and other stories include visits to environmental learning centers, as well as interesting individuals and wildlife.

Lakes Country Living is a half-hour made-for-cable video magazine featuring stories of outstate

Minnesota. The show currently airs on telecom cable networks across the upper Midwest. Hosted by nationally acclaimed landscape painter Stephen Henning, the show’s topics include the arts, agriculture, Main Street entrepreneurs, local history, natural resources and outdoor recreation. Particular attention is given to conveying local flavor. More information is available online at


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Blue Dog Designs Announces New help ‘Em Up Harness? for Small Dogs

Blue Dog Designs Announces New help ‘Em Up Harness™ for Small Dogs

New Help Em Up Harness supports dogs 10 – 30 pounds

Denver, CO (PRWEB) February 14, 2013

Blue Dog Designs has introduced a new version of its “The Help ‘Em Up™ Harness” to specifically accommodate smaller breed dogs and their unique spine issues.

Launched in 2008, The Help ‘Em Up Harness is the first full-body dog lifting harness system featuring the patented “Hip Lift” to assist owners with aging or injured dogs to live a more active life. The harness was originally developed for dogs where hip dysplasia or muscle loss had decreased their mobility and physical strength for every day functions. Today the harness is widely used by veterinarians as a mobility device to assist dogs rehabilitating after surgery or recovering from injuries. The smaller harness was created in direct response to veterinarian requests for assistance for small dogs in this manner.            

“The Help ‘Em Up Harness now addresses an even greater number of owner challenges,” said president of Blue Dog Designs and creator of the Help ‘Em Up Harness Cary Zimmerman. “Following our initial launch we received an outpouring of support from dog owners who have been looking for something just like this harness to assist their dogs. And with input from veterinarians, now smaller breeds can also have much-needed help from our harness like the larger breeds, especially after surgery.”

Unlike the larger-sized harness, the small Help ‘Em Up™ Harness has two connector straps along each side of the back leaving the top of the spine exposed to accommodate recovery from spinal cord issues that can be prevalent in small-breed dogs. Straps on the small harness are made of Velcro for easy adjustment with this size. All Help ‘Em Up Harnesses feature a chest, shoulder and hip-lift harness system that is padded, lightweight and comfortable to wear for dogs with muscle and joint disease. It also helps dogs suffering from muscle atrophy, arthritis, hip dysplasia, myelopathy, or loss of power in their hips and hind legs from aging or injury.    

The new small-breed Help ‘Em Up™ Harness comes in black with red and gray accents and is ideal for breeds including Dachshunds, Shih Tzus, Terriers, Toy Poodles and other smaller, short breed types.

The Help ‘Em Up™ Harness is designed to distribute weight over the large surfaces of the chest and hind quarters. Unlike other devices, The Help ‘Em Up™ Harness can be worn comfortably many hours a day. Ad hoc solutions like towels, leashes or slings must be assembled with each use. Owners with dogs suffering from cataracts or that are sight impaired use the harness as a guide to help steer them around obstacles and provide balance and safety.

About Blue Dog Designs

Blue Dog Designs was launched in 2008 with the original The Help ‘Em Up™ Harness, the first-ever full body lifting harness for dogs that can be worn for extended periods. Ergonomically designed with soft comfortable padding and waterproof Neoprene, the harness has elevated handles for lifting and stabilizing, is adjustable to fit any size dog and machine washable. The harness is used by veterinarians post-surgery, but also helps owners lift aging dogs up off the floor, up and down the stairs, or in and out of cars or boats.

For more information and a free brochure on The Help ‘Em Up™ Harness, visit

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