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Balloon Toons: Baxter the Tweeting Dog Reviews

Balloon Toons: Baxter the Tweeting Dog

The Twooferverse proves invaluable when Baxter’s doggy pal goes missing. All the neighborhood pups provide Twitter-ish clues they find while going about their daily routines to help locate the missing mutt.

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Widge Goes Off on… Dog Accessories

Widgett Walls, your driver of wisdom, considers the ludicrous nature of canine accessories and how it’s cruel to remind dogs they have no thumbs.
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Dog Tricks: Fun and Games for Your Clever Canine

Dog Tricks: Fun and Games for Your Clever Canine

Lie down on command, sit up and beg, shake a paw. ‘play dead,’ or bring the remote control—you’ll be amazed at what your dog is capable of learning. Dog Tricks is an entertaining book that will show you how to teach tricks and agility stunts with the minimum of effort. Your dog will love the stimulation and attention, and you’ll be the envy of other owners.

List Price: $ 12.95

Price: $ 4.99

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The American Dream? Gone Wrong! Takes Readers Into The Dark Underworld Of Big City Life

The American Dream… Gone Wrong! Takes Readers Into The Dark Underworld Of Big City Life

The American Dream … Gone Wrong!

Houston, TX (PRWEB) February 26, 2013

When Trish Stevens moved to America from rural England, she never dreamed she would encounter enough adventures to fill a book – but she did! The American Dream…Gone Wrong tells the story of a naïve young woman who moves to the U.S. and tries her hand at everything from ‘nanny,’ to sales, to administrative positions– all the way up to becoming CEO of her own highly successful PR company, but it’s what happens in between that makes her novel so exciting. Based on many real life experiences she and her friends encountered, her book sheds light on sex trafficking and the perils facing young women alone in U.S. cities today.

Fascinated with American GI’s they meet at Mildenhall Air Force Base, three young and naïve British girls – blissfully unaware of the dangers that exist on the streets of America – leave the safety of their families in rural England to find The American Dream. But what they find is no dream…

They believe they have it all when their days are filled with wild, crazy and sexy fun…but that soon ends when they get a taste of real life and what poverty and living on the run feels like. Totally unprepared for the dark side of life lurking in the shadows, they are forced into the center of a nightmarish ordeal of violence, rape, slavery and blackmail that nearly cost them their lives.

The American Dream:…Gone Wrong! is fiction but based on numerous real and terrifying incidents these young women endured. What began as a hilarious adventure soon turns into a white-knuckle, frightening ride into hell where innocence is lost and survival is everything, and has readers turning the pages all the way to the unexpected climactic ending!

Trish Stevens was born and raised in Essex, England. As outlined in the book, she tried her hand at many things when she started her new life in America but it was only when she allowed her entrepreneurial spirit to surface that she found her true calling in public relations/advertising. A decade later she is the CEO of Ascot Media Group, a respected company that provides public relations for a diverse clientele ranging from authors, singers, service providers, and even former senators. Trish lives in Houston, Texas with her family, a dog, and too many cats to mention…

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Excerpts from reviews:

“This is a fun ride, from the UK to the US and back to the EU, while action and romance and danger abound. Enjoyable from start to finish; a sexy, tongue-in-cheek look at young women making it on their own!”

“This is a great book! It starts out playful – a cute story about young English girls coming to America to live The American Dream and all that it entails; however, it gets into the life of one in particular who goes through a lot trying to stay in the country and the jobs she gets and the men she meets. She ends up traveling to other cities in hopes of ‘making it big’ but something always messes it up or goes wrong. Just when it seems she and her friend are getting their lives together, something very deep, dark and frightening happens to them and throws the reader completely off. It touches on human trafficking and how easily this can happen to unsuspecting young women. They manage to keep their sense of humor (and wits) about them and readers get knocked off guard with the totally unpredictable ending that will blow your socks off!”

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Spot the dog ‘Warning May be to cute’

Spot the dog.
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