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how do i get my dog listed as a therapy dog?

Question by bill_swaney2000: how do i get my dog listed as a therapy dog?
i need my small dog to help me stay claim in large corwds
i have severe ptsd and see a therapist twice a month along with depression issue mostly from the service thanks for you help all

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Answer by Frankie
A therapy dog is a dog who goes into nursing homes and hospitals to help cheer people up.

what you are referring to is a Service Dog.

While I have no idea how to go about certifying your dog as a service dog, doing a search for organization based on the term ‘service dog’ rather than ‘therapy dog’ will probably make things easier.

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Question by dai-ken dhi: How do you measure a string elements length in a array? In javascript?
Say I have a array:
var dog = {“dog”,”cat”,”something”};
I want to measure the length of the element something. How would I do this?

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Answer by halrosser

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