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Question by omgridiculous: How do I stop my roomates dog from pooping on the carpet?
Hello everyone, this is a pretty self explanatory problem. I live with two roomates, one of which has a small dog. I believe it is a yorkie, roughly 3 years old. He is quite a spastic little fellow. My question is this, whenever we leave him at home for a few hours at a time, he will almost always defacate(poop) on the floor. We live in a very large apartment, and he has a good amount of room to run amok.

Whenever we are home, he goes to the bathroom, both urinating and defacating on the little pad the he is “trained” to use. However, it seems like he almost does it to spite us.

I’ve tried scolding him, gave him a spanking(not hard, I truly love animals) and said “bad dog” in a firm voice. I don’t want to rub the feces in his face, that just seems wrong. Leaving him outdoors is not an option, as we do not have a backyard. He does however, have a place where he is supposedly trained to poop. Any advice would be greatly appreciated,

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Answer by john
get rid of your roommate. problem solved.

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Q&A: What Kind of “Small dog” should I get?

Question by Bruce: What Kind of “Small dog” should I get?
I think a Corgi would fit me but Here are some things about my “Future dog”.

1. I want a dog that’ll come to the door every time you open it when you get home.
2. A dog that won’t be Physical around Little kids ( 3-6 )
3. A dog that love you who you are and not for treats

About me

1. Loving person that’ll do ordinary things with a buddy ( As in dog )
2. Will be able to walk dog if needed

Other than that I want to Know what Best “Small dog” I should get

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Answer by hgrhuu
cocka poo or a cocker spaniel :)

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Kung Fu Dog – Dog Fights Punching Bag

Ray Ray, Lu Lu, miss you girl, used to give me the hardest times when I tried doing my punching bag workouts a while back. I guess there’s a reason they call…
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My boy Shadow wit a problem.