Question by RoZeVe: How to house train my puppy with a not house trained dog already at home?
OK so I am getting a puppy! We already have a dog in the house, though he is not mine he is my roommate’s. My roommate although has not stepped up to the plate on disciplining his almost year old dog, which has troubled my boyfriend and me. I had offered to help train him but, “its his dog!” I respected that but now with a puppy in the way I am worried. I know how to house train a puppy (had experience with my best friend’s puppies with success) but would be greatly disappointed if my roommate’s dog’s lack of house training would disrupt my puppies learning process. Yes his dog is always outside in the kennel while he’s at work (which I find kind of sad) But again no house training.

So in conclusion, will it be a problem? Will my puppy pick up on my roommate’s dog’s bad habits (howling, barking, chewing property, peeing/pooping in the house…etc.)? What should I do?

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Answer by Kelly
I see no other way than to train them both at the same time. It will be difficult if not impossible to train one & expect it won’t pick up the others bad habits. Your roommate seems a bit coo-coo??

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