Question by ash z: how to stop my “house trained” 10 month olddog not to poop in the house any more?
My 10 month old puppy is for the most part houses trained, but latley he has picked a certain spot in the house and has been pooping. he is house trained but once a day he makes an effort to poop in the house. how do i stop this.

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Answer by Margaret S
sorry to put it this way, but being house-trained is like being pregnant; you are or you aren’t. You either can trust the dog or you can’t.

I would crate the dog if you are not there to watch it. If it has picked a particular spot, then chances are there is still an odor there that is drawing him there again and again. I would find a “pet spot” cleaner that breaks down odors as well. When you are there and see him getting ready to go, walk up to him, and take him outside, then praise him for doing his chores outside. It takes consistent training to get your dog to do this, and some dogs take a long time to learn this while others only take a little while.

Good luck

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