Question by x z: Can obedience training for dogs be relevant to a couples happiness?
I don’t know if you, dear reader, have watched Cesar Millan the “Dog Whisperer” easily straightened wayward dogs, misbehaving dogs, aggressive dogs. I am sure that the same principles could be used to straighten relationships. All this talk of equality really brings on lots of uncertainty and unhappiness. Women don’t understand that their elusive quest for “equality” means constant stress guarding its unavoidably blurred lines in domestic life. Measuring each and every activity and hoping not to be taken advantage of in the efforts to run a house it’s not a happy way to live.
I think women need to accept leadership. Most women don’t elect women to political life why would they want to elect themselves as de facto leaders and judges of what equality means in a relationship?

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Answer by Jess
As a dog trainer, I’ve met many aggressive dogs that react to patronizing or oppressive owners. Sounds like that may be the same in your household. Hope she doesn’t bite you.

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