Question by Uncle Rico: Why are there so many people on here who think it is up to them to decide if others should have dogs?
i have seen so many people who answer people’s questions with “ugh, why do people even have dogs?” for instance, the one i just read was in response to someone whose dog has an odor problem. some of these same people gripe at people for wanting to buy a dog instead of adopt, (both are good ideas i think) and they act like they know ALL about how to care for your dog, when the only advice they give is Take it to the vet. well, you should take your dogs to the vet for serious problems, but sometimes people need advice and they can’t get to a vet for whatever reason! anyway, it’s not like i stay up at night because someone on the net was rude, i just wish we could block all these “know-it-alls” who want to criticize everyone else!

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Answer by hotblooded_killer_vampire
wow O.O

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