Question by Giovanni: How to become a guide dog instructor?
What do I do to become one? I’d like to do that. Help both animals and blind / visually impared people.

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Answer by Lynxy
I suggest you contact the various guide dog schools. There’s three or four in the states and Canada. However, they only train when there is an opening, and it usually doesn’t pay very well at all – usually just a normal, low salary. It is an apprenticeship, very intensive, and I believe they interview a lot, and reject most people. I’m sorry 🙁

“8. Can I train dogs for The Seeing Eye?
Staff instructors are full-time employees who hold college degrees from various fields of study and have successfully completed three years of specialized on-the-job training. They relate well to dogs and people and are physically fit, since their jobs are physically demanding and involve working outdoors in all weather. Contact the Human Resources Department at The Seeing Eye if you would like additional information. ”

Employment opportunities:

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