A few nice dog carts images I found:

Museum Collections Centre – 25 Dollman Street – Garage – Clement Panhard

Image by ell brown
I went to the Open Day at the Museum Collections Centre – 25 Dollman Street on the 13th of May 2012.

At the Dollman Street Stores they have objects that are not currently on display in the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery or Think Tank. Some items used to be in the old Museum of Science & Industry on Newhall Street.

The garage area of the warehouse with old cars, motorbikes etc.

Clement Panhard.
This light car was marketed in England as a ‘Stirling Dog Cart’.
O-65 was built in 1901 or 2 which was before Registration became compulsory.
It was first registered on the 1st January 1904.

Dogs – Belgian carabineers with their dog-carts, 1914

Image by CharlesFred
Dog-carts – never seen them before…

Hot Dog Cart

Image by sajeewaw
Hot Dog Cart Near Brooklyn Bridge

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