Question by Haflinger Acre: How do you teach your dog to “shake”?
I really want my 12 week old Cavalier x Mini Aussie Shep to learn the trick “shake” but she’s not really getting it. She’s a fast learner and she already knows “sit” and “up.” Please give me some tips on how to teach her. Thanks!
I’ll try that, I like that idea!
Julie G, I’ve been using that method and it isn’t working.

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Answer by Sascha **Mutts Do It Better**
I put a treat in my hand and made a fist.
I held it out to my dog and said “five”
The rule is to not open your hand to give the treat until your dog uses his paw to get it out.

My dog does it really well now. She went a bit over board though, now if there’s something in my hand, she’ll hit me with her paw to try to get it.

You have to make sure that your pup knows that this trick can only be used when you tell it to.

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