Natural Pet Supplies Store Adds Doggles Silly Pulls to Their Line of Pet Products Available Now

Miami, FL (PRWEB) February 03, 2013

Every enthusiastic dog owner always wants the best entertainment for his beloved friend. They want their friend to be happy and there is nothing wrong about that. Sometimes, though, the situation gets out of hand. Dogs behave very similarly to little kids. This means that they get excited with one toy for a few days and never let it go, until they get bored, put it aside and never play with it again. This is common with many dogs, and the owners get frustrated, having to buy a new toy every week. These toys pile up and create a mess. The best solution would be a toy that could be able to keep the interest of the dog for a long time. Fortunately, some companies have tried to create interactive toys with many different game options, but few succeeded. Doggles, however, has managed to create a successful iteration of this idea. They created the best versatile dog toy on the market, which, of course, is available now, at “My dog Jack loves the Silly Pulls. We use them to play fetch, tug of war, and other fun games,” states Mindy Jackson satisfied customer.

The toy is called Silly Pulls and it is truly fantastic. The toy consists of four inner layers of ballistic nylon. For those unfamiliar with it, ballistic nylon has one of the highest denier on the market. This means it is highly durable and provides a very pleasant feeling to the dog. Moreover, it boasts a tough, plush exterior, which is decorated with flat, embroidered details. To top everything up, the toy is fabricated using fully recyclable materials, making your dog’s entertainment, a guilt free case for the owner. The toy also comes with two tennis balls and five squeakers, turning it into a true bargain. You can throw it, swing it or tug it. This is the beauty of the Silly Pulls. This is the genius of Doggles. It provides constant fun for your dog, without you having to buy something new all the time. recognized that, bringing this toy to dog owners, now.

People have dogs because they want to have a true friend. However, companionship is not the only advantage of dog ownership. To be able to spend quality time with a pet, playing fun games and exercising, is the other. Therefore, it is important to keep these moments as happy as possible, both for owners and dogs. Get rid of the stress to provide a fun toy to dogs and the mess of hundreds of toys, sitting in a box. Acquire the best interactive toy on the market, Silly Pulls by Doggles. Discover it on

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