Question by iLoveHelloKitty: What are the papers needed for dogs to go out of the country?
I have puppies and they’re too young to stay home alone and aren’t completely “potty trained” yet. I live in Washington so going to Canada is only a couple hours. I wanted to bring my puppies but a friend said that the shot papers weren’t enough and that the pups could go into Canada but couldn’t get out. What are the papers needed for dogs to go out of the country exactly?

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Answer by Thomas R
If you’re only going to be in Canada for a few hours, get a puppy sitter.

If you absolutely must take them, call the Canadian Consulate and ask for the rules. They’ll be happy to share.

Then call the American border control and ask them what kind of proof you should carry that the pups are yours and not purchased in Canada.
You wouldn’t want to be forced to surrender them to quarantine or pay an import duty.

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