Question by Melena: How can I get my dogs used to the nail file?
I used to trim my dogs nails with the clippers, they don’t like it, but it has hurt them before. They have pulled and bled from it. I hate that risk and makes me feel nervous. I found out about the nail filer for dogs and got it but my dogs are terrified of it. I can’t get them to let me use it. I have tried to turn it on and play with them around it. Give them treats with it near them and nothing is working. They will come near it now but they won’t let me use it on them. Any advice? I can’t afford regular grooming bills for their claws and so i want to do it myself. Besides i think my dogs would bite anyone who tried to trim their claws that they didn’t know. They hate their feet being touched. 3 of the 4 do at least. The one who knows the trick “Shake” doesn’t make them being touched just not being held.

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Answer by Matt
Ah yes, this can be a huge pain.

Naturally, a dogs claws wear down on their own from digging and walking on hard surfaces, so its common for a domestic dog to not have those avenues.
Walking them on concrete can help, but it doesn’t really stop them growing, just slows it.

Quick and painless has always been my trick, get in and out before they have time to get too agitated, files take some time so I have always relied on clippers.
Small dogs are obviously easier to clip with bigger stronger dogs being a bit tougher.

You obviously know how to clip them safely, but are worried about hurting the dogs which is fine, it shows you care.

A little known fact about dogs is that sometimes positive reinforcement can be bad, for example feeding the dogs treats before clipping or using the treat to lure them in to it can tell the dog that it has a reason to be afraid of weary of it.

You may hate this, and I understand if you cant, but you may have to bite the bullet and be firm.
Consistency is very important and even if they hate it, they will have to, and will get used to it.
After give them a treat, but don’t coddle them or over comfort them, as I said it tells them they have reason to be scared

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