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Question by .: Do you think hiring a trainer should always be a requirement when owning a dog?
If you have owned dogs and have understood them and know much of how to control and train a dog on your own, should you still get a trainer? Or should a trainer only be a recommendation if you are unsure or just starting the ownership of a dog.

If you let’s say, get a dog with a problem with aggression towards other dogs, what if you already had the knowledge to help train that dog and curb it’s aggression and have ways of controlling it and keeping it steady and well, good. Is getting a trainer really necessary?

It seems that I hear people say that if you get a dog, regardless of whether or not you have much knowledge on how to care for dogs already, you need a trainer. What if a trainer owns a dog, does that trainer need to hire a trainer also?

Hopefully my question makes sense…hah

Best answer:

Answer by Trixie
I will always take my dogs to dog training because that is where they learn to obey with distractions. Any idiot can teach a dog to obey commands in the house or alone outside; it’s a whole other ball game around other people and animals.

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