RC Pet Products Pick Up Poop Bag Carrier with Me Love Treats Pattern, Black

  • Plastic Swivel Clip for attachment to a leash or backpack
  • Handy velcro stability loop secures the bag to your leash
  • Velcro closed bag portal allows easy access to the plastic bag roll
  • Made with a coated nylon shell, RC patterned tape ?Me Love Treats? and reflective RC Pets label
  • Accommodates standard size dog waste bags

Got poop? Pick it up with the RC Pets P.U.P (Pick Up Poop) bag. It is a lightweight and compact poop bag carrier that clips easily to your leashes accessory triangle or handle. The handy velcro stability loop secures it to the leash while the “bag portal” allows easy access to the plastic bag roll. Made with a coated nylon shell, RC patterned tape “Me Love Treats” and reflective RC Pets label. The P.U.P. bag will accommodate standard size dog waste bags.

Price: $ 12.38

Flush Puppies Doodie Bags, Flushable & Certified Compostable, 3 On-the-Go Packs (60 Bags)

  • Flushable, Biodegradable, & Compostable! – Flush ’em or Trash ’em!
  • Convenient on the go “Wallet Style” Packaging
  • Each opaque Flush Puppy bag measures 8in x 10in
  • Sewer & Septic Tank Safe
  • Each 3-Pack comes with 3 Packs of 20 Flush Puppies (60 Bags Total)

Flushable. Biodegradable. Eco-friendly! Dogs poop. It’s a simple fact of life. And it’s not fun to deal with. Finally, there is a way to handle it responsibly with THE OFFICIAL DOODIE BAGS OF MOTHER EARTH! Flush Puppies bags are flushable, eco-friendly, and hydro-biodegradable (which means they break down in water). Plus, they contain no plastic, so Flush Puppies are always a “greener” solution, even if you throw them in the trash. Down the toilet or in the trash; either way, the environment win

Price: $ 8.95

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