The New Wuffitmix Energy24, the Quality Dry Dog Food for Gundogs and Sporting Dogs

Introducing Energy24, the newest addition to the WuffitMix range.

(PRWEB UK) 4 September 2012

WuffitMix, the well-known and much respected Lancashire-based company which specialises in quality dry dog food, has recently launched to the market their newest product, Energy 24, which is specifically aimed at the sporting and gundog market.

Much like the Olympic athletes, gun dogs and sporting dogs have unique dietary needs. Whether they are undergoing intensive training or taking part in sporting events and competitions these dogs have a high energy requirement and as such require a quality dry dog food like Wuffitmix that is specific to their needs.

“We are developing a range of feeds to meet a range of breeds and situations. Studies show that within the working dog area there are several different needs to be addressed which relate to energy requirements, namely the type of work or activity the dog is undertaking of whether they are in a ‘resting period.’ WuffitMix manager, Hannah Dugdale reports. You should also take a look at Puppy Food from Wuffitmix.

These studies have led to WuffitMix developing and adding yet another quality dry dog food to their already popular and extensive range.

With a 12% oil and 24% protein content, Energy24 with lamb and rice, can be fed dry or moistened with warm water or gravy and will provide sufficient nutrients and meet the energy requirements of the most active of sporting hounds. The recommended daily feeding average level is 100g (3oz) per 5kg (10lb) of body weight per day dependant on the dog’s activity level and other contributing factors such as health.

WuffitMix advises its customers that Energy24, as a dry kibble, needs to be given with clean fresh water.

“Dogs, particularly active dogs that regularly expend a large amount of energy within a relatively short period are particularly susceptible to dehydration. It is therefore essential to provide fresh water with dried working dog food. While water can be added to Energy24 as with all dried dog foods, we find that the feed is best enjoyed dry and crunchy alongside a bowlful of cold, fresh water”.

This revolutionary new feed, with added Vitamin A (as Retinyl Acetate) and Vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol) has been designed to enable handlers to get the very best out of their dogs. For any dog, though specifically sporting dogs, a high-energy, nutritious diet is key to maintaining performance over longer periods of time which is what makes Energy24 the optimum choice for gundogs and sporting dogs.

Energy24 WuffitMix dog food is available via the WuffitMix website or directly via the Clitheroe base and retails at £15.90 for 15 kg.

WuffitMix are happy to advise customers with regards to which products in their range are best suited for their dog’s needs, be that puppy food from WuffitMix or the new Energy24 feed for active sporting dogs.

Hannah Dugdale, the WuffitMix manager can be contacted via email at hannah(at)wuffitmix(dot)com or telephone 01200 420222.

WuffitMix is the dog food division of Dugdale Nutrition, Salthill, Clitheroe, Lancashire.


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