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Companion Dog Obedience Training With Electronic Collars

Companion Dog Obedience Training with Electronic Collars offers gentle, safe effective training for all dogs.

Do you love your dog but sometimes have trouble liking him? Then this book is for you.

In one short month your dog can learn to be the happy, obedient dog you’ve always wanted!

Covers complete basic obedience including walking on a loose leash, coming when called, heel, sit, down and stay.

No more shouting. Reliable off leash control around d

List Price: $ 8.97


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Question by mich: What type of door mat would be good to clean and dry small dog’s paws before entering the house?
I can’t exactly make my dog “wipe her feet” before entering the house. I’m wondering if they make a mat specifically for the purpose of making dogs’ paws a little cleaner (or drier) before entering the house.
Any advice?


Best answer:

Answer by Angel Barbie
The Turtle door mats are expensive but very good and last years! I have had mine for 10 years.

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Nice “find A Dog” photos

Check out these find a dog images:


Image by Andrew Kurjata
mere days after we found a dog (and, fortunately, its owners a day later), my brother-in-law found kittens out on his property. Fortunately, my girlfriend’s boss and his wife wanted kittens, preferably siblings… they’re doing great now.


Image by daBinsi
This happen when we found a dog and brought it home. Loue never liked it because the dog eats his food. So I decided to put all his food in our barbecue place…


Image by Orignaux Moose
07.13.2011: We found a dog just wandering the streets. She was such a sweet dog! We put her in the front yard until her mommy came to get her.