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Puppy training?

Question by ivegotquestions: Puppy training?
We just got a puppy, kind of a border collie +black lab cross-bread. Does anyone know where to get good tips on training her or got any tips? potty training + making her not bite me any more.

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Answer by DaveSFV
Puppy classes.

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Question by too: i am planning to open up a club for dogs. do you have any great name ideas?
For big and small dogs.

“Big and Small paws” will not be accepted. Sorry.
i am planning to open up a club for a dog lovers and for the rookie breeders.

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Answer by Lorraine
What sort of club.

Basic obedience – staged level obedience – competition obedience – agility etc.

Add on – a club for rookie breeders — gees… that’s all we need.

Anyone that should be breeding has studied under the right people and specifically for their breed.

However, in that case you could just call it

“The BYB Club”…

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