Question by Kmart: What is the best way to physically discipline a small dog?
My Fiance and I have a small Yorkshire terrier (yorkie), and he is for the most part a really good dog. Occasionally he will bite other dogs at the dog park, or our freinds dog when we are giving attention, or playing with other dogs. I realize this is the first sign of aggressive jealousy and need to stop it ASAP. I dont know how to discipline the dog, since verbal cues like “bad dog” have no effect. I was also told that “bad dog” doesnt mean anything to Pets, so I need something else.

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Answer by Randee
Tone of voice is what matters, it means more than physical punishment.

If you’re having problems with this, you need to seek professional help. I wouldn’t recommend physical discipline to anyone, it doesn’t ever seem to work for people who aren’t professionals.

Call around for some obedience classes, they’re great for teaching you how to control your dog.

If you want to try the spray bottle method, it works better if the dog doesn’t see you spray him. We used this to stop our dog from digging on the couch. She hates water and a simple squirt from behind her was enough to stop the behavior in a few days.

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