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Question by Jynxey: How do you train a dog to stop jumping over a fence?
I have 3 dogs, 1 cat and a turtle and I’m having trouble with my middle dog. It’s a female dog hybrid of a German Pointer and a Dalmatian. And it jumped over a 5’9 foot tall fence and ran in to the street where a car almost hit her. It keeps doing it we tried punishing it but she just keeps doing it! I’m scared that6 the next time a car will run her over! Is there anyway to train a dog to stop jumping over a fence?

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Answer by Manal S
you should try to encourage her instead of punishing her and you should try to reward her i used to have a dog one tome and that’s how i got her to me pretty obedient so i hope i helped and i think that would be the answer for your dog!!!!

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