Personal Injury Lawyer In Orange County John Rapillo Comments on Report About Proposal To Protect Cyclists

Orange County, CA (PRWEB) October 20, 2013

Gov. Jerry Brown is considering signing a bill that establishes a mandatory buffer zone between drivers and bicyclists traveling in the same direction, a proposal that Orange County personal injury lawyer John Rapillo today said could save lives if signed into law.

Commenting on an article about the proposal in (California Gov. Jerry Brown to consider road safety measure, Sept. 4), Rapillo said cyclists who have a legal right to use the road have been seriously injured or killed in accidents due to a driver’s negligence.

“Most cyclists who ride on a regular basis have probably had a close call with a passing car or a truck,” said Rapillo, a car accident attorney who represents victims of negligence and families who lost loved ones in accidents. “The law states that drivers must pass at a safe distance. What’s a safe distance? The law does not currently say, and that can make it difficult in determining liability if a cyclist is injured or killed.”

According to, the governor is weighing approving a bill that calls for drivers to pass at least 3 feet to the left of bicyclists on California roads. The bill was approved last month by California lawmakers and is awaiting Brown’s signature.

The proposed law would mean a $ 35 fine for a violator or a $ 220 fine if the violator strikes a cyclist, reports. The law would go into effect next year if Brown signs the proposal, according to the news story.

“As a personal injury lawyer, I’ve seen first-hand the devastating impact of bicycle accidents,” Rapillo said. “In so many cases, a cyclist is riding legally on the side of the road and is struck down by a careless motorist. In the blink of an eye, the cyclist goes from being completely healthy to dealing with a lifetime of serious health problems.”

Rapillo said the cycling bill is a step in the right direction toward holding negligent drivers accountable for their actions.

Rapillo said personal injury lawyers can help victims of negligence pursue compensation for their losses. An attorney also can help victims and their families send a message that careless actions by drivers will not be tolerated on California roads.

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