Question by snowprincess1313: Anyone ever heard of this type of dog training?
The woman whose place we kennel our puppy at recommended a training book that could help us. The author is Jan Fennell, and she is another modern “dog whisperer”. She’s written several books, but the ones the lady recommended to us are called “The Dog Listener” and “The Practical Dog Listener”.

In these books she features a type of training called Amichien bonding. I won’t go in depth on it now but here is a site describing what it is:

I was wondering if any of you had tried this form of training and if it worked for you? I am about to implement it with my samoyed.
To Retired: I’m not trying to get anyone to buy this book- I was just wondering how people’s experiences with this form of training were. The link was included for informational purposes. Read the whole question please.

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Answer by bernel1403
I don’t check links when I answer questions.

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