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Let’s Play Scooby-Doo! First Frights (PS2) Part 2

Continuing the hunt for the Phantom.

play this game at: Highway Smash – Enable Scooby Mystery Machine driving through highway plus …
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Question by Meggiex: Do the Philadelphia Phillies have “bark in the park?”?
I was just wondering if Philadelphia had something where you bring your dog to the park for a game? I’m watching the game right now and San Fran is having their bark in the park game. Just curious. Thanks ! :)

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Answer by Utley4Prez (lost a bet)
I don’t think so. Every stadium has some unique promotional days, and this is one that probably only the Giants have.

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vitello dog’s sport, dog dance 2007, 1

vitello dog’s sport dog dance 2007.

vitello dog’s sport dog dance 2007.
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Question by flyingsideways: What is your favorite song that has an article of clothing in the lyrics or title?

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Answer by Stud Powercöck
“John Wayne Was A Nazi” by M.D.C.

” …He had a picture of Adolf as a boy, tucked in his cowboy vest…”

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Question by Jennifer: My dog is scared of everything, how do I get her to overcome it?
My puppy is about 5 months. We adopted her from a rescue. From what we were told her mother was neglected and she was born in this shelter. Her mother wasn’t intrested in any of her puppies and all the puppies were bottle fed. My puppy has always been skiddish, but it has gotten worse in the last month or so. When we are at home, she is fun and playfull and social. But the moment we walk out the door she turns into another dog. Shes scared of everything. Her tail his between her legs. Noises scare her, the wind, new places, cars, people walking by, when I say everything I mean everything. We bought her a “thunder shirt” and just started using it. What can I do to help her. She’s such a good dog and it breaks my heart to see her like this.

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Answer by Art
Try to hold the dog as much as possible and take in soothing tones. The dog has evidently picked up her mama’s fear.

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Hey pet lovers! This is Heather Wolfe-Smith’s Pet DIY Series! Today we continue our pet-lovers DIY video series that focus’ on easy, do-it-yourself projects …
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