Question by Luciferase: Would you like to “live as a dog”?
Dont think of it as “becoming a dog”, but as Diogenes of Sinope describes, with no hypocrisy or artificiality, getting rid of social values.
I think social values make us evil, since they force us to be what we are not. Just think about this; why is sex (or making love, or expressing love) so disgusting in public? Why is nudity a taboo? We all do sex and we all have breasts, and vaginas and penises. As Diogenes said, it is all a hypocrisy.
Megalomania: I agree slightly. It is easier to live as a human but only with political values, not with moral values. Moral values go against nature. We dont need them, since they repress our nature and makes us delinquents
Old dog: Yes, that is true, but that is natural behavior. Besides, we suffer the same but at a different level. In our “society”, the alpha dog would be the rich man, the one that gets better health care, a better house, a better meal. The poor (or not that poor) man, gets to be the last in the heart transplant list, gets to work harder for less money, and eats cheaper and more unhealthy. We have the same hierarchy, but at a different dimension.
I forgot, Diogenes actually lived his life like a “dog”.
When I say as a dog, I mean figuratively. Can you imagine the “human world” without morals?

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Answer by Trent
Looking at the Human Society, in the World Today, I think life in a kennel or as a truck dog or as a Race Dog or as a Station Sheep Dog or a Show Dog, even as a Blind Dog or a Guard Dog.
Would be a ‘Hell of a Lot’ more pleasant, then parts of the U.S.A, parts of the UK, parts of Russia or parts of Australia. Not to mention Zimbabwe, Pakistan, anywhere in Africa and certain parts of South American continent

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