Homemade Dog Treats Maker Pupolicious Announces Dog Treats With New Healthy Icing

Wheat Free Dog Treats

Quincy, IL (PRWEB) April 25, 2013

Pupolicious is a Quincy, IL-based company that provides healthy dog treats with no added sugar, no preservatives, and no long unpronounceable words. These treats simply provide safe, wholesome ingredients that all dogs will love. Pupolicious isn’t just another dog treat; it’s healthy from the inside out.

“Our icing mix contains only natural ingredients, which means no wheat and no gluten,” said Teresa Koch, CEO of Pupolicious. “Dogs not only love it but it’s good for their teeth, providing a protective coat. Feed them our healthy dog treats and you’re in control of their health and well-being.”

Many dogs are allergic to wheat. For these special dogs we offer wheat free dog treats, gluten free dog treats, and an icing mix that is 100% gluten and wheat free. Gluten has become a hot topic for pet owners in recent years. It seems like there is a new recall every couple of months for contaminated pet products. By giving dogs gluten free dog treats it is contributing to the pets health and giving them something they’ll love.

“My sister found this for me, and it’s great! I love baking, so this is right up my alley”, said Kari an enthusiastic dog owner. “Knowing that these homemade dog treats are healthy means I will be coming back again. Thanks sis!”

Healthy dog treats by Pupolicious can be ordered online at pupolicious.com and shipped anywhere in the United States; they are also made in the U.S.A.

About Pupolicious:

Pupolicious produces healthy dog treats that are made at home by pet owners. New products include gluten free dog treats and wheat free dog treats. These homemade dog treats can be ordered online at Pupolicious.com. Each package includes a bag of mix, a cookie cutter and easy-to-follow directions. Customers mix and bake the snacks at home, and can decorate the bone-shaped treats with colored icing.

For further information, please visit Pupolicious online or call 217-214-7137.

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