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Is there a recipe for a low calorie dog food?

Question by ladymaeve100: Is there a recipe for a low calorie dog food?
My family dog is overweight, but we just can’t afford the “diet” dog food. Is there a recipie for making a diet dog food at home?
My family dog is under my parents care, a state away – so I am unable to do anything myself other then make suggestions to them. My parents are elderly (they arn’t able to walk her as much as she needs,) and surviving on a single income with reduced hours so things are very tight (so they can’t just hire someone to walk our dog.)

She has been tested for a thyroid condition already, and it came up negative. I have one myself so it was the first thing I suggested :-).

I don’t want to feed her store bought diet good – since its terribly expensive and has all the drawbacks mentioned here. I want a *recipe* that is lower in calories. I am hoping that by making the food themselves they will understand how much to give her and help with the over feeding. My father can’t stand to “just reduce” her food intake. I know that thats what is neccesary, but if I can’t change him I need another work around.

So, is there a recipe out there for a 50 lbs dog that will help her lose weight?
C’mon people – I understand there isn’t a magic bullet – but I do know that just as there is lower calorie dishes for people, there are lower calorie dishes for dogs. These are more satisfying then just serving a teeny tiny portion of the normal food. Please don’t be snotty saying how “store bought diet food” doesn’t work – I am asking for a recipe – read my question!!

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Answer by walking lady
You don’t need diet dog food. All you do is cut down on whatever food you’re feeding by about 25% and don’t give any treats at all unless you give raw carrots or green beans. Also, a lot more exercise. Dogs need to eat less and exercise more just like people do to lose weight, they don’t need “diet” food.

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Does anyone know the details of the “Fuzzer Diet” for oxalate kidney stones in dogs?

Question by Alex: Does anyone know the details of the “Fuzzer Diet” for oxalate kidney stones in dogs?
The site on the internet that had the details has been removed.

Best answer:

Answer by Leigh
Are you searching for treatment for stones, or for prevention? Calcium oxalate stones can not be treated through diet (struvite stones sometimes can be). Calcium oxalate stones usually require surgical removal. You may already be aware of this, but I wanted to stress that you can’t treat C.O. with diet.

If you’re looking to prevent stones from re-forming, you may wish to check out the K-9 kidney group on yahoo: where you will find someone willing to provide you with information on this diet.

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Question by Mandy N: Where do I purchase the foods for my dogs’ “raw food diet”??
After researching online for a long time the benefits of a raw food diet for my dogs, I think I would like to start. However, where can I start shopping for the raw meats and veggies? I know i can’t just go to wal-mart and buy some chicken and ground meat from the meat dept., right? I know someone said the meat has to fresh, the eggs have to be free range fresh, and the veggies and fruits organic—where am i going to find all this??

Best answer:

Answer by W.
Sure -you can feed any human grade meat with the raw diet. Most people try to find local butchers and such in order to save money though. If you see a super sale on chicken or such at the supermarket-stock your freezer! There are MANY philosophies to feeding raw. Some people are more purists and feed only what you posted others feed freezer burned meats they get from total strangers. It’s all about what you are comfortable feeding and how well your dogs thrive on it.

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Be Good Natural Rawhide Bones Dog Treat Chew, 6-Pack

Be Good Natural Rawhide Bones Dog Treat Chew, 6-Pack

  • Natural rawhide bones
  • Rawhide bones are a delicious dog treat
  • Made of all-natural, premium quality rawhide
  • Long lasting, flavorful chews that naturally clean teeth
  • Measures 6-7-inch length

Rawhide bones are a delicious dog treat

List Price: $ 16.99

Price: $ 14.04

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Paw Naturaw Organic Turkey Formula for Dogs, 12-Ounce Tubes (Pack of 12)

  • Case of 12 12-ounce tubes of frozen, raw dog food (total of 9 pounds)
  • Made of family-farmed organic turkey meat, bone, and organs
  • Organic turkeys raised on documented family farms in the continental United States
  • Zero grains
  • Processed in an FDA-registered and USDA/ MOSA-certified organic manufacturing facility built to LEED green specifications in Lake Mills, WI

List Price: $ 71.88

Price: $ 55.17

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Announcing Baggins’ Mardi Gras Dog Biscuits: Help the Animals of NOLA and Treat Your Pet

Announcing Baggins’ Mardi Gras Dog Biscuits: Help the Animals of NOLA and Treat Your Pet

Doylestown, PA (PRWEB) January 21, 2006

During this 150th year of Mardi Gras celebrations in NOLA, there is a bittersweet tinge to the celebrations. The wounds of Hurricane Katrina are still fresh and the needs are still many. In honor of the spirit of NOLA, Baggins’ Best Biscuits, based in Doylestown, Pa, launches a healthy dog treat with a Mardi Gras theme and will donate a portion of the proceeds to the Louisiana SPCA.

$ 2 of every bag of Mardi Gras Biscuits sold will be donated to the LA/SPCA, a 117 year old organization that is operating out of temporary space and is having to start from scratch. They rescued 1000’s of pets and worked 16 + hour days in the days following Katrina to rescue as many pets as possible.

Baggins’ Mardi Gras Biscuits are made with all-natural, human quality ingredients, all-natural applesauce, cinnamon, flour, oatmeal, egg and other wholesome ingredients. So make tails wag. Treat your dog to great healthy dog treats and help support the ongoing pet relief efforts in New Orleans. Baggins’ Mardi Gras Dog Biscuits can be ordered online at

This all-natural dog treat is Apple Cinnamon flavored and has three different shaped biscuits. There’s a trumpet (to represent the music of the city), a crown (to represent Rex, King of Carnival) and a fleur de lis ( the symbol of French tradition in the city). These are BIG biscuits! The trumpet and crown are almost 6” across and approx. 2’’wide. The fleur de lis is 3” tall. Yeah, they’re big, but these biscuits are soft enough to break them into smaller pieces for your dog and maybe even share! All in the spirit of Mardi Gras.

Over 8,000 New Orleans pets were rescued by the LA/-SPCA in the days following Katrina. Over 1000 staff and volunteers from around the United States and the World worked 16 + hour days rescuing animals. The shelter lost its building and all its contents and many of the 60+ person staff lost their homes. Luckily, the animals had been evacuated to safety.

Groups like the LA/SPCA with dedicated staff and volunteers were able to save 1000s of animals and reunite many with their humans. But unfortunately, there is still plenty to be done and a lot of bills to be paid. It will cost an estimated $ 6 million dollars to build a new shelter. And then there’s the public veterinary clinic to be reopened, the spay/neuter initiative, and other projects that the LA/SPCA is focusing on for 2006.

“Hurricane Katrina was devastating for our community, for both animals and people, but as we rebuild and recover we have to move from that place of loss to a place that improves the lives of animals for years to come,” says Laura Maloney, Executive Director of the LA/SPCA. “Support from individuals and organizations all over the country are instrumental in helping us recover and rebuild.”

Hurricane or no hurricane, Carnival season is here and was officially kicked off on January 6 with Twelfth Night celebrations. Over the next few weeks, residents will come together to celebrate life. As a former resident of that great city, I understand a small fraction of the bittersweet celebrations that will occur this Carnival season but I also understand the need for continued recovery efforts. So, in honor of the city I love so much and the very real need that is still present throughout the pet community, I’m pleased to announce the launch of Baggins’ Mardi Gras Dog Biscuits by Baggins’ Best Biscuits.

Baggins’ Mardi Gras Dog Biscuits-

because it’s not just a party ya’ll!

Contact: Jennifer April, Owner/Operator Baggins’ Best Biscuits


Phone: 267-476-1006


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Sweet Potato Dog Chewz – 6 Pack – Regular Veggie Rawhide

Sweet Potato Dog Chewz – 6 Pack – Regular Veggie Rawhide

  • Healthy and all natural chews
  • Ridged design helps clean teeth and gums
  • High in Fiber. Fiber dramatically improves digestive health.
  • Plenty of treats to last awhile or, to give to friends to try.
  • Will not stain carpets – No foul odors.

An excellent chew for all dog sizes. Made of whole thick slabs of sweet potato, dehydrated. The chews have a hard surface, excellent for dental health, and a chewability that dogs love. Smaller breeds will chew these for fifteen to twenty five minutes. Medium to larger sized dogs will chew them faster, of course.
All Sam’s Yams Dog Chews are particularly well suited for senior dogs whose teeth and gums are more sensitive.

List Price: $ 26.94

Price: $ 28.99

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