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Question by lopku: How do you get your puppy to stop jumping up, chewing on your clothes and nipping at you?
My puppy is 9 weeks and he will run after me jump up and then start chewing on my clothes and nipping at me. I also have two young kids, so I need to stop this problem. I keep telling him “off” and then good when he is sitting back down. I tell him “no biting” when he nips at me and I have offered him a toy. I also keep saying good boy right after he has stopped doing something. I have looked all over the internet on what to do and I have read/watched youtube videos with all different advice. What should I do? Any dog trainers here? Also, about how long does it take before he starts to change this behavior with good training? Thanks so much!

Best answer:

Answer by NordicLass
When he jumps, turn away from him and cross your arms. if he jumps again, turn and move away from him.
When he bites, put him on a leash, and put him behind a baby gate for a while till he calms down.
When he chews on your clothes, remove him from the room.
I did these techniques with my Rottweiler x German shepherd puppy, and she doesn’t bite and hardly jumps up anymore. Keep treats on hand for good behaviour, such as leaving something alone when you tell him to. or when he puts his paws back on the floor from jumping up, say “down” and give him a treat.
You’ll get there eventually, it takes a lot of time and patience.
Good luck.

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my doggys ear infection wont go away!?

Question by sweetcherri02: my doggys ear infection wont go away!?
my dog has an ear infection and it wont go away and smells very bad! she is always scratching herself which makes it smell wosre. her ear is very dity even though we clean it everyday. we took her to the vet and it went away for a while but now it came back. does she have to be on medication constantly for this to go away?

Best answer:

Answer by kooldogz
have u seen a vet yet ?that might help thats whut their job is !

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Secret ?sex whispering? industry revealed in Sadie Rabbit’s new erotic romance book

Secret ‘sex whispering’ industry revealed in Sadie Rabbit’s new erotic romance book

The cover for Sadie Rabbit’s debut novel, ‘The Sex Whisperer.’

Dayton, Ohio (PRWEB) September 10, 2013

‘Sex Whispering’ is simple in concept. Readers fill out a questionnaire with wants and desires, and a sex whisperer turns it into a hand-crafted story. Sadie Rabbit uses the custom erotica industry as the backdrop for her recently-published debut novel, ‘The Sex Whisperer.’

“The things you hide in the back of your mind make for the best stories,” Rabbit says. “If you had the courage to share those things with an author, imagine the type of story they could write for you. It’d go beyond reading a book; it’d be an experience.”

Rabbit’s novel follows wealthy photographer/housewife Olivia Hampton who hires a sex whisperer to rejuvenate her sex life with her husband. It works great until her anonymous relationship with the whisperer becomes not so anonymous. That’s when the trouble starts.

“Olivia’s husband doesn’t understand sex whispering,” Rabbit says. “It’s foreign and dirty to him, which is probably how things would go in real life. That’s sad. It could be something that gets couples to open up about their sex lives. Most of us are too timid to do that. I can’t tell you the number of friends I have who read ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’ and said it improved their sex lives. Ask their husbands. I promise they know when their wife has been reading that book. If you customize the experience, it takes it to a new level.”

‘The Sex Whisperer’ is set in Dayton, Ohio, and features scenes at several prominent places in the city including The Dayton Art Institute and The Greene. It’s Book 1 in the Whisperer Trilogy, and it is available in print for $ 11.59, or $ 2.99 on the Amazon Kindle. Learn more about Sadie Rabbit at her website,

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What is the best type of leash for a pit bull?

Question by lynnwoodballa07: What is the best type of leash for a pit bull?
And do you think pits have a better tempermant when neutered?

Best answer:

Answer by butterflychampain
i would go with a heavy leash like a chain one cause they are stronger for stronger dogs

all dogs have a better tempermant when spayed/neutered

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What to do about the neighbors and their dogs?

by Gytis

Question by goldenrose82: What to do about the neighbors and their dogs?
I own several acres of land which I would love to go out walking in, but my neighbors insist on letting their dogs run loose 24/7. Every time I take just a few steps into my field, the neighbor’s dogs from up the road will come charging like they’re going to attack. So far I haven’t had them come all the way down on me, but I don’t try to going any further into the field either. We’ve called the neighbors before and asked them to put up their dogs, which they do for a couple hours, but then they’re running free again. When we tell them we’re afraid of the dogs, they smile and say, “Oh, don’t worry, they don’t bite.” I suppose they think that barking and growling is their way of saying they want to be petted. Once my mom and I were standing on our back porch when one of their dogs walked through our yard, pooped in our yard, then looked at us and growled before going back home.

(More details will be posted in just a moment…)
I don’t think it’s right that we have to catch the neighbors at home and ask them to put their dogs up every time we want to walk on our own property. We’ve called the dog catcher, they claim it’s out of their jurisdiction, which I think is bs cause we live within city limits. We tried calling the police (there is a leash law in this city), but the officer who answered just laughed and asked, “What do you want us to do? Send someone to go throw rocks at them?”

This is ridiculous. My neighbors, the local police, even the dog catcher all are ignoring our concerns about these dogs that are clearly displaying aggressive behavior (one of the dogs is quiet large too). I simply cannot afford to have a fence put around our property to keep them out, and I don’t feel I should be forced to resort to that anyway since they’re actually breaking the law by letting them run loose. Are there any other options apart from setting out traps and just getting rid of their dogs ourselves?

Best answer:

Answer by high school musical girl
try calling animal control that happend to me one time

good luck though! :)

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Do rats/mice need extra calcium?

Question by Tim: Do rats/mice need extra calcium?
So I recently acquired a bunch of rats and mice to breed for feeding my snakes. And I was just wondering if extra calcium is good for them when they are breeding. I am feeding them Purina lab blocks, and giving them treats such as dog training treats and yogurt drops occasionally. Any suggestions that you have to help me out with breeding them would be nice also.
Thank you! 😀

Best answer:

Answer by Oxygen
Breeding rats and growing babies need high protein more than anything, but too much protein can also lead to things like kidney issues so don’t over do it. Rats are omnivorous, they should be getting different vegetables as well.

Successful breeding is more complex than just “tips”. Take the time to do some research on it for yourself, it’s not difficult. Most important thing to consider is the ratio of males to females. You would be even smarter to keep males and females separate, except for the actual mating. Over-breeding the females will lead to complications and quick deaths.

This should be obvious, but never mix mice and rats. They are two different animals, have different needs, and do not get along.

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Dog Training Web Site Gets Dogs To Listen

Dog Training Web Site Gets Dogs To Listen

Austin, TX (PRWEB) August 12, 2006

When the Dr. Phil Show needed a guard dog for one of their guests, they contacted Adam Katz, a celebrity dog trainer with an underground following of tens of thousands of dog owners on the internet.

After self-publishing his book, “Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer” in 1997, many began seeking more about Katz’s dog training methods at, a members-only web site that promotes his unorthodox techniques for fixing behavior problems in dogs.

“I became a convert after reading his book,” said Carla Rocha, a dog trainer from Colombia. “I stayed up all night reading the web site. Within a week, my clients’ dogs were doing 1000% better. To say I was amazed is an understatement.”

The web site features immediate access to the text of Katz’s original book, plus a resource library of over 150+ articles and dialogues between Katz and his students. Tutorials, member photos and a private discussion group where both dog owners and professionals swap dog training tips are also popular with members.

“My neighbors were surprised,” said dog owner Rose Pedenko of her Golden Retriever, “Duke.” “For the first time in his life… he wasn’t pulling on his leash anymore.”

“For me, it was a small investment and a wise decision,“ said Pedenko, “I’ll be a member for as long as I own a dog.”

Katz has been featured in Men’s Health and Dog World Magazine and has trained the dogs for celebrities as diverse as Los Angeles Kings Hockey Team Captain Rob Blake, Porn Star Julia Ann, and Congresswoman Jane Harman, a six-term Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives.


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