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Australian Cattle Dog Behavior & Training Tips

Australian Cattle Dog Behavior & Training Tips

Have fun training and understanding your Australian Cattle dog with these fun and interesting tips and tricks! 1. The Characteristics of a Australian Cattle Dog Puppy and Dog 2. What You Should Know About Puppy Teeth 3. Some Helpful Tips for Raising Your Australian Cattle Dog Puppy 4. Are Rawhide Treats Good for Your Australian Cattle Dog? 5. How to Crate Train Your Australian Cattle Dog 6. When Should You Spay Or Neuter Your Dog? 7. When Your Australian Cattle Dog Makes Po

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Getting Businesses onto Page One on Search Results

Getting Businesses onto Page One on Search Results


Miami, FL (PRWEB) August 07, 2013

Search engines, ranging from Google and Yahoo to Bing have become one of the most powerful marketing tools on the Internet today. Most people, when searching for local businesses or services, turn to the Internet first and type a selection of keywords into a search engine. For example, if they are looking for a local dog trainer, they might type in the words, “dog trainer Miami” or the words, “specialist dog trainer south Florida”, and then browse the results. People will choose keywords in a random order, sometimes “wedding photographer Miami” and other times “Miami photographer wedding”. These nuances should to be taken into account in order to help get a website coming up on page one of a search. If a business does not come up on page one, it does not stand much of a chance of competing against other local service providers. It is imperative that local businesses make it onto page one of any search engine. However, most business owners do not know how to improve their standing in search listings. Many companies invest heavily in having a website built, but unless that website is seen by new potential customers, it is not achieving its maximum potential.

Telx Web, a Miami web design company, announces new customized local search optimization solutions for companies wishing to build their local profile and subsequently be found first by potential customers. Most business owners these days are fully aware of the need for a website, but many do not have an understanding of how that website is going to be found by potential customers. When looking for web designers in Miami, Telx Web will most likely come up on the first pages of the search results, as a result of Telx Web’s expert SEO strategy. The very fact that Telx Web comes up near the top of local search listings is a good indication in itself of how successful Telx Web’s search engine optimization strategies are. When a business chooses to have a bespoke website built and managed, it is prudent to use the same company for a fully comprehensive package that includes search engine optimization strategies. As well as a team of highly skilled designers, Telx Web has search engine optimization experts who know how to implement the customized strategies that will get a website to the top of a local search engine’s listings. Telx Web can provide a complete package to its clients. As an affordable SEO company, Telx Web offers full web design and SEO services to local companies in Miami. Many businesses that have made an initial search of keywords for “web site design Miami” have ended up choosing Telx Web to take care of their entire Internet marketing needs.        

Telx Web is one of the most successful search engine optimization companies in Miami. For more information about all their website services including design, content management systems and bespoke SEO solutions, call toll free: 1800 7070.WEB (932) or visit

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On The Dog Trainer’s Trainer: TV’s Cesar Millan or Soft-Spoken Ian Dunbar

On The Dog Trainer’s Trainer: TV’s Cesar Millan or Soft-Spoken Ian Dunbar

Larkspur, CA (PRWEB) January 16, 2008

Chances are you’ve heard of Cesar Millan, Hollywood’s famous dog whisperer. Chances are you haven’t heard of Ian Dunbar, soft-spoken Northern California behaviorist. That, however, is about to change. And when it does, dogs and dog owners everywhere will be having a ball.

This week editors at , take a good look at the dramatic differences between the dog training techniques of Cesar Millan and Ian Dunbar. In recent years, Cesar Millan has taken the world by a storm, starring in TV’s popular Dog Whisperer. Millan’s philosophy? We, as humans, must act as dominant pack leaders; our dogs must behave as submissive followers.

Good TV, but who’s watching the dogs?

But even without a hit show, Ian Dunbar has been winning over dogs, dog owners, and dog trainers for years. Talk with the most respected names in the dog training world and you discover Dunbar’s impact is unparalleled.

“His contribution to this field is immeasurable,” says Patricia McConnell, author of The Other End of the Leash, co-host of NPR’s Calling All Pets, and founder of Dog’s Best Friend Training. “Ian Dunbar created an entirely new perspective about dog training.

Let’s not get physical

While Cesar Millan is credited with placing dog training on the public radar, the field’s most respected behaviorists and trainers look to Dunbar’s hands-off, reward-based approach which stands in stark contrast to Millan’s figurative chest-thumping and physical corrections. Perhaps not the stuff of Hollywood television, but watching Dunbar quietly train–without so much as wagging a finger–is riveting to anyone who has ever tried to teach their dog anything.

For a series of special dog training tips and a one on one list of the contrasting styles of Cesar Mllan and Ian Dunbar go to

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How do you say “trainer” in French?

Question by shaakeiit: How do you say “trainer” in French?
I have to make a job offer as a French project. How would you say trainer, as in a dog trainer for example, in both masculine and feminine form?

Best answer:

Answer by secret
google languages…

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

K9 Dog Park Creates Rattlesnake Avoidance Training for Dogs Without the Use of Shock Collars

K9 Dog Park Creates Rattlesnake Avoidance Training for Dogs Without the Use of Shock Collars

Penny with rattlesnake

Escondido, CA (PRWEB) August 05, 2013

Rattlesnake avoidance training for dogs is sought after by campers, land owners, hikers and others who take their dog with them into the great outdoors. To teach dogs rattlesnake avoidance often dog trainers use live rattlesnakes and put painful shock collars on the dogs. Shock-collar training is considered by Penny DiLoreto-CPDT-KA, CTDI, to be inhumane treatment and she says “learning should never hurt.”

In southern California as well as other parts of the United States rattlesnakes live in abundance but these shy creatures usually do not attack. However, when startled, stepped on, or sniffed-at by a dog they do bite and the bite can be deadly. Rattlesnake vaccinations are widely available for dogs from veterinarians but they do not eliminate the danger. Vaccinated dogs will likely still need antivenin if bitten just not as much as for the unvaccinated dog. The antivenin may cost $ 750.00 or more per vile and, depending upon the size of the dog, multiple viles may be needed. Furthermore, the antivenin does not protect the dog from the possible life-long effects of the poison which can continue after the bite.

DiLoreto states, “not all dogs need snake avoidance training. For instance, if you live in a city environment, you’re not a hiker, or don’t go camping then your dog may not need this type of training. On the other hand, if you take your dog into areas where snakes are known to live then better to be prepared. However, if you do need training we believe positive reinforcement training is the best way.”

DiLoreto continues: “All K9 Dog Park dog training programs are positive reinforcement and we never incorporate shock collars, prong-collars, choke-chains, or other such devices for training. Our snake avoidance training teaches dogs to avoid all snakes, not just rattlesnakes. That way the dog does not need to figure out if it is a poisonous or non-poisonous snake before avoiding it; just avoid all snakes! Even though our snake avoidance program is positive reinforcement, we do instill a sense of danger in the dog concerning snakes by utilizing the dog’s senses of sight, sound, smell, and the handler’s ‘leave-it’ command. We also incorporate an apparatus we built that we call our “pyrotechnic-pneumatic snake pit” for a sense of realism. To put it into the words of one of the local veterinarians who refers his clients to K9 Dog Park, ‘the proof is in the pudding and it works.'”

Michelle Robertson-Clark owner of “The Rescued Pup Boutique” a dog-rescue organization in Ramona, CA recently reached out to K9 Dog Park and requested the no-shock snake avoidance training for her clientele. Robertson-Cark stated rattlesnakes are everywhere surrounding Ramona and when we heard about this no shock-collar training we were very interested. After meeting with Penny and her husband David, we asked them to bring there crew to Ramona and do the training for our dog buyers. We are excited and looking forward to the training planned for August 12, 2013 at our location with dog owners who have adopted from us.”

K9 Dog Park’s training program has been mentioned in San Diego Union Tribune and Victoria Stilwell

About K9 Dog Park:

Located in Escondido, CA K9 Dog Park is the leading dog training and grooming center in southern California. K9 Dog Park is a pioneer in advanced training techniques for dogs and their owners. The company pioneered its proprietary pyrotechnic-pneumatic snake avoidance training without the use of shock-collars. K9 Dog Park specializes in training reactive dogs with fear, frustration and aggression issues to overcome those issues and mainstream back into society. K9 Dog Park offers dog-training programs such as- Therapy Dog, Behavior Adjustment, Problem Solving, Agility, Rally, AKC-STAR Puppy, AKC-Canine Good Citizen, Snake Avoidance, Trick and others in its indoor training facility. In addition to training the company offers dog grooming for all breeds.

About The Rescued Pup Boutique:

Located at 220 Rotanzi Street, Ramona, CA 92065 (760) 788-6805. The Rescued Pup Boutique is a rescue-only pet store that rescues dogs of all sizes and ages available for adoption every day. The Rescued Pup Boutique also has the very best accessories for your pampered pooch. The Rescued Pup Boutique receives its dogs from high-intake / low funded shelters and they rescue the dogs when “their time at the shelter is up.” By adopting from The Rescued Pup Boutique you are helping rescue more dogs and save more lives! Like Us On Facebook!

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More Dog Trainers Press Releases

Can a Chihuahua Retrieve One Day? Reports Scientists Uncover Genetic Differences Among Dog Breeds

Can a Chihuahua Retrieve One Day? Reports Scientists Uncover Genetic Differences Among Dog Breeds

Squaw Valley, CA (PRWEB) August 14, 2008

A tiny Chihuahua and a rambunctious Labrador don’t seem to have too much in common. And sure, just like people, no two dog are alike – but why? reports that scientists have found that they have uncovered gene locations in canine DNA that contribute to the behavior variations present among different dog breeds. Turns out they may not be so different, after all.

In the ScienceDaily article, “DNA Study Unlocks Mystery to Diverse Traits In Dogs”, geneticists at the National Human Genome Research Institute, the University of Utah, Sundowners Kennels in Gilroy, California and Mars’ Waltham Center for Pet Nutrition in the UK, studied genetic markers called Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms, or SNPs, in dogs to find why certain breeds had certain behaviors.

Paul G. Jones, PhD, Mars Veterinary researcher, and co-author of the study, feels this research can greatly benefit dogs and their owners.

“This exciting breakthrough, made possible by working with leaders in canine genetics, is helping us piece together the canine genome puzzle which will ultimately translate into potential benefit for dogs and their owners,” says Jones in the ScienceDaily article.

The scientists worked with 13,000 dog DNA samples and identified “hot spots” within the canine genome to uncover which specific genes determine different physical and behavior characteristics. Jones finds this research may also help with dog training and matching the right dog with their future owners.

“Pet owners and veterinarians may be able to develop better care regimes based on this knowledge. In addition, genetic information about behavioral traits, such as trainability and temperament, could also help veterinarians identify the most lifestyle-appropriate pet for an owner, ” notes Jones. is committed to helping pet owners outfit their dog with the proper dog training equipment and ensure they have all the dog resources they need to properly care for their dog. Find information on Pet ID Tags, Dog Collars, and more. The site recently unveiled their new TailsByTheLake Dog Blog with more dog resources, dog training tips, and dog care tips.


TailsByTheLake provides dog owners with top of the line dog products like Dog Beds, Dog Houses, Dog Bowls, and more. They have been in business since 1999, located at the base of the beautiful Squaw Valley Ski Resort, California. Their passion for animals propels them to search the globe for only the best dog products and dog training supplies. Their brand new Dog Blog allows TailsByTheLake to share their dog experience, dog tips, and features “Tails Tuesdays”, where pet owners can send in a photo of their pooch or kitty for the world to see.


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How to house train an adult dog?

Question by Bethany: How to house train an adult dog?
I should have said “re-train” an adult dog. Our Rottweiler is a year and a half old. She’s been house trained for awhile, or so we thought. Within the last few months she has been having more “accidents” in the house. It almost seems like she’s being lazy, because she knows that she’s not supposed to do it. I have two other dogs that are house trained and doing well. We have a big backyard, so we let them out frequently. I just took her to the vet, and she was given a clean bill of health, and is on all the properly monthly preventative meds. Could it have anything to do with her going to boarding last month? Has anyone else had a dog that relapsed? I know we have to do something differently with her, but I don’t know what. Putting her outside when she has an accident doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve never had to house train an adult dog…is it different from a puppy? Thanks for your input.

Best answer:

Answer by Kate
Just go back to the basics with her, even adult dogs need ongoing training. Crate training is an excellent way to house train your dog. You need to start by taking away some of her freedom while she re-learns and don’t allow her out of your sight (just as you would with a puppy). Take her outside every hour without fail for some time and never react when she has an accident, just ignore it and clean up the scent. Sometimes if dogs are getting reactions from you (even negative) they will do it for attention.

Try this first and see how it goes. Its easiest to do this over the weekend, should only take a few days.

Also, reward her when she goes outside with treats and praise, this is very important for shaping new behavior.

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