Question by hopeless romantic: How to train a 2-year old mutt to walk “on heel” position?
I don’t usually have time to walk my dog because of school and work. But when I get the chance to walk them (I have 2 dogs), Jana (that’s the name of this particular dog) pulls the leash. I tried using a choke chain. It doesn’t work. She just pulls and pulls, even if she’s choking already.Please help… I’ve never really trained my dogs to do anything.. I don’t know if it’s too late…

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Answer by odrutjons
i trained my dog by when ever he tugs on his leash you stop walking and say heel then you walk again.

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Question by MotherBear1975: Crate Training a 2-year old pittie, rescued “outdoor dog”?
I don’t leave them in there for more than 2-3 hours… I’m never gone *that* long… and I can’t leave them outside any more as my fence blew down and I can’t afford to put up a new one yet…

So how do you crate train an older dog?!
The crate she has is silly big for her… heck you could fit a St Bernard in that thing… T-Bone is jealous I’m gonna have to buy him a bigger crate now!
The kennels are next to my bed.

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Answer by zzhoundzz
I just want to say thank you for adopting a dog in need.How about a doghouse with a chain,,be sure that the chain has a swivel clip on both ends & that the chain is fat from a hardware store & no fences nearby to hang himself & not trees or bushes to get tangled in.And water at all times & a rawhide chewie bone.Im sure the dog would like to be outside & may be more mellow when you return to return into the house.Or,,can you block the dog in one room while you are gone with a nice dogbed?

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