Dog Trick Academy Hits the 14,000-member Mark for its Forum Community, Showcases How the Internet Strengthens Dog Training Initiatives

Dog Trick Academy Hits the 14,000-member Mark for its Forum Community, Showcases How the Internet Strengthens Dog Training Initiatives

The Perfect Way to Einstein Your K9!

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB) June 06, 2013

The Dog Trick Academy (or, an online resource created by renowned dog trainer Jean Cote, recently celebrated a remarkable achievement when its forum community grew to include over 14,000 members (14,781 members as of this writing, just a few counts away from reaching 15,000). The continued increase in members proves that more and more dog owners and trainers are seeking to reach out to other people and enhance their knowledge of training techniques, dog behaviors, general health and nutrition, and other vital information that can help one properly train and care for a dog — and they are increasingly conducting their search online.

The creation of the Dog Trick Academy is the culmination of company president Jean Cote’s lifelong learning experiences with his own dogs (from childhood pets to his two current housemates, a Siberian Husky named Onyx and a border collie named Chase), combined with knowledge he gained from books, seminars, training and research. The website gives Internet users access to free dog training lessons as well as premium lessons for teaching dog tricks of different difficulty levels and using various established positive reinforcement training methods like capturing, luring and shaping.

In other words, the Academy’s training techniques are non-threatening and non-punishing — they do not employ force. The team believes that dogs learn to “perform desired behaviors because they see the value in doing so.”

“What began as my own personal quest turned into a social networking venue for dog owners to share ideas, information and help one another out – and then into a business,” Cote shares. “My hope and intent is to help dog owners around the world have a better relationship with their pets. To achieve that, I teach you how to teach your dog to do tricks (and learn proper behavior), as that fosters and develops the very special relationship between dog and owner that matters so much to both of you.”

The website’s dog forum provides dog owners, new and professional trainers, and dog lovers in general a place to equip themselves with the knowledge to improve their relationship with their pets as well as interact with other people who are on the same journey of training their dogs to learn new things every day. The Dog Trick Academy forum’s discussions are classified into different groups:

Focus on Members – Threads within this group give members a chance to introduce themselves and their dogs to fellow enthusiasts.

Dog Community – Members can locate possible training partners and talk about training challenges that they face and overcome.

Dog Training – The chatrooms here focus on general and advanced dog training subjects (like agility, obedience, protection or service dog training, dog sports, and others).

Dog Information – Forums about breeds, toys, health, and grooming can be found here.

Dog Recipes – Dog feeding, nutrition, and treats take centerstage in these discussions.

Dog Trick Academy – Members can learn more about the company, meet the team behind the website and learn about the latest announcements and developments.

“The Dog Trick Academy training lessons and programs offer a proven, highly effective method of pet training,” Jean Cote adds. “With the Dog Trick Academy, you have access to all the materials at your convenience 24/7 from anywhere in the world (including the comfort of your own home).”

Visit the Dog Trick Academy website today to sign up for the dog forum and gain access to helpful lessons and resources on dog training and building a relationship with happy, healthy, and much better-behaved furry friends.

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Does Your Dog Wear the Pants? Happy Paws K-9 Academy Offers New Approach to Dog Training

Does Your Dog Wear the Pants? Happy Paws K-9 Academy Offers New Approach to Dog Training

The answer to all your canine problems!

Maplecrest, NY (PRWEB) September 22, 2010

Happy Paws K-9 Academy, known for its unique communication-oriented approach to dog training, ( has opened a new location in the Catskills in Maplecrest, New York (the Hunter/Windham ski area).

Their philosophy is that training a dog is not just about the dog. Rather, in their approach to good canine behavior, they not only teach the dog what is acceptable and not acceptable behavior, but they also teach the humans how their dog perceives what they are saying or doing. They will show you how to modify your behavior to get the results you desire.

According to Head Trainer Lorraine Siena Reid ( ), there are many things that affect your dog’s perception such as your body posture, timing, the tone of your voice, and your attitude – just to name a few. For that reason, Siena Reid uses lots of affection and praise in her training techniques.

But unlike most dog training firms, Happy Paws K-9 Academy does not believe one method of training fits all. Rather, they use a combination of methods that best fit the needs of your dog.

Does your dog just need some house manners or has that lovable four-legged pooch traded his halo for horns? Has that cuddly lovable animal you first brought home turned into Cujo overnight? Have you been asked to leave other obedience classes? Have other trainers told you your dog is hopeless and should be put down? Happy Paws K-9 Academy has had successful results with a vast array of dog problems.

Whether you need simple house manners, confidence building to overcome fear, or have a major aggression issue, they are there to help you. The firm also specializes in off-leash control, which Siena Reid notes “comes in very handy while hiking or biking in the woods.”

“The more issues we can help you combat, the better it looks for us,” adds Siena Reid.

Happy Paws K-9 Academy offers a free private in-home consultation to discuss the needs of your dog – and they do not believe in high-pressure sales tactics. “The only thing you’ve got to lose is your dog’s bad behavior,” says Siena Reid.

Lorraine Siena Reid is also available to speak with the media about a variety of dog training methodologies and behavior questions.

For more information visit, e-mail info(at)happypawsk9academy(dot)com or call (516) 483-0579 (weekdays) or (518) 734-5435 (weekends).


Lorraine Siena Reid

Happy Paws K-9 Academy

(516) 483-0579 (weekdays)

(518) 734-5435 (weekends)


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B.F. Skinner Scholarships for Karen Pryor Academy

B.F. Skinner Scholarships for Karen Pryor Academy

Waltham, MA (PRWEB) February 23, 2009

Karen Pryor Academy announces the immediate availability of twelve B.F. Skinner Memorial scholarships to Karen Pryor Academy’s Dog Trainer Program. The scholarships, each in the amount of $ 500, honor and celebrate the life and work of B.F. Skinner, and coincide with the 20th anniversary of the B.F. Skinner Foundation.

According to Skinner Foundation president Julie Vargas, “The Foundation supports the basic science underlying humane educational practices from Autism to Zoology. Karen Pryor’s Dog Trainer Program is a fine example of those humane and effective practices. The Foundation is pleased to join with the Academy in furthering the positive-only training made possible by practitioners in the dog-training world.”

For the 2009 calendar year, there are twelve $ 500 scholarships available for the KPA Dog Trainer Program commencing between January 1, 2009 and December 31, 2009. Scholarships will be awarded to individuals accepted into the Academy’s Dog Trainer Program on a first-come, first-served basis, although the Academy reserves the right to limit awards in a particular location in order to help create geographic diversity. Applicants will be notified of scholarship awards along with their acceptance to the Academy.

Note that students receiving other sources of financial aid are not eligible for these scholarships. Scholarships cannot be applied to the International edition of the Dog Trainer Program.

The Karen Pryor Academy Dog Trainer Program serves students who are looking for education and certification from world-renowned trainer, author, and behavioral biologist Karen Pryor, a pioneer of force-free training technology. The program combines the convenience of online learning with hands-on teaching from a top-notch faculty. Students receive intensive training in the force-free techniques needed to teach both animals and their human caregivers, and are offered access to business training, curriculum plans, and instruction programs as well.

With teaching locations in the US and Canada (CA, IN, KY, MA, MD, NM, NY, OR, TX, WA, Calgary, and Ottawa), already the school has graduated more than 80 Certified Training Partners who participate in a unique program that introduces their services to pet owners and veterinary professionals. Karen Pryor Academy is the only non-franchised dog trainer school in the country with national reach and teaching locations from coast to coast.


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Phoenix Dog Training Guru Fixes Problems That Cesar Millan, Dog Whisperer Fails At; TLC K9 Academy Director Bill Glatzel Issues the $5000.00 Charity Dog Training Challenge

Phoenix Dog Training Guru Fixes Problems That Cesar Millan, Dog Whisperer Fails At; TLC K9 Academy Director Bill Glatzel Issues the $ 5000.00 Charity Dog Training Challenge

Arizona Dog Training

Phoenix, Arizona (PRWEB) May 15, 2009

Arizona Dog Training Guru, and Phoenix Dog Trainer, Bill Glatzel, Dog Behaviorist and Professional Dog Trainer, and Puppy Trainer of TLC K9 ACADEMY is the Real Dog Whisperer, and Fixes Phoenix Dog Obedience Problems that Cesar Milan is unable to fix.

Bill was born and raised with wolves, or so we think, either that or he must have canine DNA in his blood! He has a passion for dog behavior. “K9 Guru,” “Amazing,” a “Magician,” the “Real” Dog Whisperer, Dog whispering, these are just some of the words dog owners have used to describe the magic, ease, and rapport, when seeing Bill connect with animals. One person accused Bill of using some form of “Hypnosis,” to put a dog into a trance. The amazing connection Bill has with animals can look magical, and his ability to tap into the minds and behavior of dogs and puppies seems at times to be hypnotic. Whatever the magic, Bill has been “Dancing with Dogs,” since 1976, for over 33 years. He has frequently been called in as a consultant when other notable trainers like Ceaser Millan, the dog whisperer have not had success. “We get a couple of Ceaser’s clients each year. We provide the best most comprehensive dog training and puppy training anywhere. We take dog training to a whole new level!” There is a science and an art to training a dog, or training puppies.

At the young age of 10, Bill was competing, showing and titling dogs in AKC Dog Obedience Matches. Bill’s Formal education rests in both Undergraduate and Graduate Work in Psychology and other Behavior Science Disciplines. He has also worked as a Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist, counseling Children, Families and Adults. Bill is 1 of Only 2 Applied Animal Behaviorists in the entire State of Arizona. In order to be an Applied Animal Behaviorist one has had to do graduate Level (Masters) or (Doctorate) Clinical/Applied Research and Field Training. Not just a Master Dog Trainer, but also a Behavioral Scientist specializing in Behavioral Medicine in Small Animals, Bill Glatzel and the TLC K9 Method of Dog training have turned the dog training profession upside-down. “Traditional leash and collar training uses correction and punishment to force a dog into compliance, says Glatzel; this is unfortunate because dogs love to please their human partners when the relationship is right. The TLC K9 Method of Dog Training uses the principles of Operant and Classical Conditioning and the latest advances in canine learning theory to combine both the Science and Art of teaching dogs and the human partners. “Treat training has one very big limitation; dogs won’t perform when the distraction is more interesting than the treat. In our training program we don’t use treats; we don’t use force, correction or punishment. All TLC K9 Academy dogs learn to be extremely reliable and listen off-leash under the heaviest of distractions. No dog is properly trained until it can behave off-leash with intense distractions. That is what you get with TLC K9 dog training and puppy training.” “If you need a leash to control your dog, your dog is not trained. You, the other animal holding the leash are trained to RESTRAIN your dog …NOT THE DOG!

“Our dog training and puppy training methods are Force-Free, Gentle, Fun, and Guaranteed for the Life of your Dog!” We employ positive reinforcement dog training, clicker training at times, and other dog training equipment may be used. A World Renowned Dog Trainer and Professional Animal and Dog Behaviorist, Phoenix Dog Trainer, Lecturer, Author, Celebrity Dog Trainer, and media/legal consultant, Bill enjoys dealing with dogs deemed “not trainable.” “One thing Bill Glatzel is most proud of is how many dogs we have saved at TLC K9 Academy from Euthanasia. We have never had to tell a client to euthanize their dog. When other dog trainers tell owners to “put down” their dog or a Veterinarian says there is no hope, We Offer a Solution…We offer Hope. Bill Glatzel Specializes in the most difficult of Dog Behavior Problems, Extreme and Severe Anxiety disorders in dogs, ritualistic and obsessive compulsive dog problems. He is an Expert in Canine Behavioral Medicine- a passion of his since his son was mauled by a neighbors Pit Bull. “We offered free dog training tips to our Neighbor…they never took us up on it. My son’s attack and dog bites could have been prevented…that Pit Bull did not have to die, (The owners euthanized their dog)” It is this attitude, that all dogs deserve dog training and his unmatched success with truly the most difficult of dog problems that gave TLC K9 Academy their Phoenix Dog Training catch phrase: “We can train ANY dog!” – Even yours!    

Bill enjoys the company and working with his pack of 5 dogs, “Chip”, a male Chocolate Labrador Retriever, “Hershey”, a female Chocolate Labrador Retriever, “Nera”, a female Belgian Malinois, “Lil’ Dude,” a male Jack Russell Terrier, and “Hogan,” a male Queensland Healer, (his third foster child,) who had dog aggression issues towards children and adults. Bill currently is the Director of Phoenix Dog Training and lead Animal Behaviorist in Phoenix, Arizona for TLC K9 Academy.    TLC K9 does in home dog training, dog training classes, dog behavior modification, puppy training, dog obedience, dog aggression, puppy potty training, therapy dog training, service dog training, and works with dog health problems. If you are looking for professional dog training, or training a dog, or to obtain a career in dog training, TLC K9 ACADEMY is the premier choice for dog training and the TLC K9 Academy School for Professional Dog Trainers is the number one choice for an education and

Call or Click For further information TLC K9 ACADEMY at 888-502-DOGS (3647) TLC K9 ACADEMY- Arizona Dog Training

Bill Glatzel – “K9 Guru” – Professional Dog Trainer – Dog Behaviorist – Phoenix Dog Training

Phoenix dog trainer – Professional animal behaviorist – Arizona dog training expert – Obedience training

Bill Glatzel, MS, BA, CMDT, CRCS, APDT, CPAC, Military Veteran – U.S. Army

President, Founder & CEO of TLC K9 ACADEMY-Arizona Dog Training and creator of the “Gentle Touch™” Method of Dog Training

# # #

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Dog Academy Launches Online Dog Training Programs As A Convenient And Affordable Solution To Train Unruly Dogs

Dog Academy Launches Online Dog Training Programs As A Convenient And Affordable Solution To Train Unruly Dogs

St. Louis, Missouri (PRWEB) November 22, 2008

Dog Academy provides web-based training tools for dog owners so they can quickly and effectively train their dog to stop bad behavior.

Online classes cover obedience training, behavior modification, games and tricks. Customers select a training program, read the materials and work with their dog for 10-20 minutes a day. Once a program is selected, class sequence, homework assignments, workbooks, quizzes and report cards are provided with step-by-step instructions and illustrated photos eliminating any guesswork.

Dog Academy’s free online community offers members the opportunity to share valuable information and support one another. Support is also provided by a team of professionals including veterinarians, groomers and experienced trainers. Educational games allow participants to have fun while learning how to train and care for their dog.

The Dog Academy Campus Store provides shoppers with everything they need to train their dog. Dog training supplies and designer dog gear include product advantages and disadvantages written by unbiased professionals in the pet industry to ensure customers can make informed buying decisions. All members of the free Dog Academy community receive a 10 percent discount on every item in the campus store.

Dog Academy strives to make the world a better place for dogs through education, awareness of dog related issues and charitable contributions. In fact, 10 percent of all proceeds are donated to animal welfare organizations.

According to Jen Heil, Founder and President of Dog Academy, “Out of the estimated 3-4 million dogs euthanized every year, 60 percent are due to behavior problems. For behavior problems in dogs, prevention is by far the best cure. To end this heart-breaking cycle, we think it best to stop the problems before they start!”

Dog Academy provides training tools, support and best in class products, conveniently online and at affordable prices.

For more information, please contact:

Clair Jordan

501 Donne Ave

St. Louis, MO 6130

Company Website:

Dog Training and Community:

Campus Store:


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Sirius Dog Academy. (New Businessess).(Brief Article): An article from: Arkansas Business

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Author: Rob O’Connor

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