Ace?s Story ? from rescued pit bull puppy to a loved family pet by Judy Walsh

Ace’s Story – from rescued pit bull puppy to a loved family pet by Judy Walsh

I am alone and afraid with my brother in an apartment without food or water and there are many strange noises. Where is my mom? I am cold and scared. I hope someone comes soon to feed us and clean up our mess. It has been a long time since we have seen our mom and the big man who fed her. There is the knocking at the door again. My brother and I are hiding in the kitchen and shivering.  I want to bark but afraid to do so.

I see a person looking in the window at us. There is a loud breaking sound as the door opens. Two large people with dark uniforms are looking around the apartment. My brother and I are huddling in a corner shivering and we are scared. The people pick us up and they are warm and we cuddle into their coats. They carry us to a truck and put us in a crate with a blanket in it.

I wonder where we are going now. The truck stops and the people carry the crate into a funny smelling place. Now there are more people saying something softly so as not to scare us. They are holding us and cleaning us off. They are patting us off with towels and drying us. Now they are petting us. My brother is shivering more than I am and he looks skinny.

I still do not see Mom and wish I knew where she is? I want to drink from her belly. The people feed us something like Mom’s milk and we drink it. We are both full and tired now. They place us in another cage together on top of warm soft blankets.

My brother and I both fall asleep and start to snore. We occasionally wake up to a strange bark and then go to asleep again.  We are happy and not hungry any more.  Now we are being picked up out of the cage by another person and cleaned up and fed again. We are put into a crate and carried to a truck and now the truck is moving.

We sleep for awhile and then smell something really stinky and the wind is blowing in on us and the ride is bumpy. We look out of the crate and see grass and trees. The truck stops now and the crate are carried into a big room with many animals. There are large animals with black spots on them and they say “moo” and then there are small animals that rub against the cage and “purr.” There is barking too but we can’t see the other puppies. 

Someone opens out crate and we can walk outside in an area that has a little fence around it. My brother and I are afraid. We wait and then there is a hand that scoops us up and places us on the ground. We move around a little and then we are petted by the hand. My brother runs after me and we fall over each other. We start to play and have fun. We are now looking for our Mom. I wonder where she is.

We are now hungry and soon we are fed and put back in our crate on a new warm blanket. I like this place and my brother does too. They feed us and give us some attention. Our schedule is like this for days. At night, it is really dark out. There are no street lights and car engines but animal noises such as birds and the wind blows around us. This is a farm I think.

One warm day in the summer, a car stopped near our crates and a pretty young lady jumped out and said to the people that she was there to look at the rescued puppies. All the puppies were taken out of their crates and we ran around the pen. I was playing with my brother and jumping and nipping at him. The arm scooped me up and I was given to the girl to hold. She was petting me and holding me tight so I licked her fingers.

She decided she liked me so she was taken to my crate and she was given my blanket and some papers. She placed me in her car and took off down the road. I wondered where we were going and where my brother was.

She drove awhile and looked over at me smiling. She petted me now and then and covered me up with a blanket. I felt warm and good so I fell asleep. When the car stopped, she picked me up and took me inside a house. I was waking up now and looking around. Where is my brother? Where am I?

The girl placed me on a soft bed and cuddled up to me and we both fell asleep. I am hungry when I wake up so the girl feeds me and gives me water to drink. I go outside on a leash and walk around. This yard is large and I hear car engines again. Where are Mom and my brother? Am I staying here or moving again to another yard? The girl takes me inside and then leaves in her car. I am alone now in a new house. I am scared again but I am not cold and hungry. Where am I?

The girl arrives home and feeds and walks me. Then I am in her car again. She is driving for awhile and then using her cell phone to call someone. The place she drives to be very noisy and horns are blaring and car engines are all around me.  She stops and helps an older lady with her bags and puts them in the trunk. The older lady has a surprised look on her face and scoops me up and puts me on her lap. She pets me and hugs me tight. She kisses me on my head and cheek. She talks to the young girl and is happy. I get excited and pee on her. She doesn’t seem to mind and laughs about it. Old lady loves the way I look – I am dark brown and white.

I like these people and hope I am staying with them. They feed me and give me water and keep me warm and safe. I would like to see my mom and brother but if I have to choose where I stay, I want this to be my home.

The young girl and old lady take me to the house and I eat, drink and play around with them. I am tired so I am sleeping on old lady’s bed tonight. It is soft, warm and cozy. I am a happy lucky puppy to have two people who love and take care of me. I take turns sleeping with each of them every other night. They pet me and cuddle with me and take me for walks.  I still wonder where my brother and mom are and hope they are happy too. They name me Ace.

They call me my name when they want me to come for dinner or stop biting their arms. I like my name but it is different then what I am used too. I usually was called “little one” or “brownie” or “hey you”.  I will try to learn my new name and respond to it.

I started to take walks every morning at 7 around the yard and mom would tell me to pee and poo. I knew these words so I did my business when told. I then was locked down in basement of the house while they went away to work. It was not bad; I had food, water, toys and a big sofa to sleep on.

My two moms walked me on the Struble Trail, Ridley Park Trails, at Hickory Run State Park in the Poconos and around our neighborhood.

Sometimes I got tired and they would have to carry me on the walks. I even was taken shopping in the cart at Petco. It is fun to go to new places with them. I loved the car rides to Wawa and stores and my mom’s made sure it wasn’t too hot during my time alone in the car. I started to love water and I walked through puddles and drank out of lakes and streams.  In addition to walking – I kayaked with my moms around Marsh Creek in my new nautical designed PFD.

 I start to keep an online blog of my adventures at and it will contain my adventures, photos, mom’s drawings and comments from my point of view

The new font signifies it is my online blog. I start to keep an online blog of my adventures at and it will contain my adventures, photos, mom’s drawings and comments from my point of view

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I went to class last night and it was wild. I was the biggest puppy there and ran around after every other puppy and tried to make friends. I was very active and acted like I had Attention Dog Disorder or ADD. One little Jack Russell puppy, Dory, bit me on the mouth and that made me mad but I kept trying to be friends with him. I was persistent with making friends. I ate a lot of treats and had an upset stomach when I got home. I was so tired that I went to bed early which made my moms happy so they could sleep.

I think I am going to like Puppy K – it is fun to meet other dogs and play once a week. My moms also may learn how to be better owners and that would be good for me too.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I went to a Dog Park for the first time. It was scary to see all those big dogs running free in that fenced in pen. One very large dog barked at me and I hid behind my Mom. Mom decided to walk me around the other part of the park and explore for a while so I could just watch the dogs from the outside of the fence. I enjoyed hiding in the tall grass and watching. I felt like a stalker. I then watched CSI on TV and went to sleep.

Thursday, October 16, 2008 A WALK AROUND THE LAKE

Tonight I walked my 10,000 steps around a lake and drank out of a stream. I heard many birds and chased after some. I also saw two deer in the woods and stared at them. They are bigger than me and interesting to watch.

My mom also took me to a playground and walked up the steps on a play gym and over a weird bridge with my owner after she forced me to go over it. I don’t like my collar being pulled but I did the walk with her.  I am stubborn sometimes but she is stubborn too. I wonder where we will ride in the car tonight.

Sunday, October 19, 2008 WEEKEND WITH THE FAMILY

Saturday, I went kayaking at the Marsh Creek Lake with my two Moms. The water was really choppy and scary for me. My puppy PFD did not fit me so going out in the boat without it- was scary too. I kept standing up and rocking the boat and both my Moms were telling me to sit down. The water was cold so I decided to sit down and enjoy the ride.


Sunday was a lazy day and I slept a lot- both my Moms had things to do around the house. I hate the vacuum cleaner – it is loud and it looks like a monster. I laid on the sofa and watched TV. I also chased a couple cats and they hissed at me. Oh well – some day they will be friends with me. More news tomorrow


Monday was our 6th class of Puppy K. I protected a tiny little white puppy named “Snowy” from the big mean dogs. I kept pushing them away. I did all my tricks right and made my two Moms very happy. Next week – we will practice for graduation and photos will be taken.

Tuesday-Took a walk around Kerr Park – looked at the creek, watched baseball, ran after a remote car and played in the leaves. I have fun when I am sniffing around a new place.

Wednesday – I barked at my brother when he was working on the roof and chased the cats around inside the house. I still am trying to be their friends but all they do is hiss and swat at me. My nose was sore tonight from all the cat swatting- very pink.

Saturday, October 25, 2008 I HAVE A TUMMY ACHE

I ate my older brothers’ sock and my stomach didn’t like it so much this morning – I got sick. I don’t think my brother will get his sock back. I will rest all day and try to remember not to eat anything but my food and treats. No clothing…no socks and no underwear…

Monday, November 3, 2008


My old Mom (the Obsessive one) enjoys reading Dog News, Dog Reader & Cute Overload online. The old newspaper was easier to carry in from the street.

I will have dentures by the time I am 10 years old if she makes me carry her laptop from one room to the next or from the car to the side door!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008 MY GRADUATION DAY

      My Graduation Day from Puppy Kindergarten– a proud moment for my Moms after weeks of training. I feel stupid with this blue hat and tassel. It is in my eye and I can’t see. I bet I look really stupid and this is embarrassing in front of my other dog friends. My obsessed Mom put my picture on a billboard in our town.


Oh my gosh – what will all my friends think. How embarrassing.

Now the Puparazzi will be on my tail again. Woof!!!!!

  Wednesday, November 5, 2008


My Old Mom said I am going to be “fixed” next Tuesday. I tried to explain that I wasn’t broken and didn’t need to be “fixed” but she didn’t laugh. You know what “Fixed “ is don’t you? Do you feel my pain?

I am going to hide up here on this light for awhile and maybe old mom will forget about it.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008
MY SPECIAL DAY IS HERE. -My 6 Month Birthday

Today is the day I get “fixed.” What a birthday present?
The doc gave me some drugs and I enjoyed the colors and stars.

This photo is the way I looked in my dream! WOW! Look at all that bling and those shades. Ace the man is a Player!!!

Everything in my dream was in slow motion. I got “my pockets picked” if you get my gist and I couldn’t even file a police report to catch the thieves red handed.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008 THE DAY AFTER- NOW I AM A “FIXED  COOL DUDE”!

My moms picked me up from the doc last night and I was so happy to see them. The drugs were still working. They got this cream named “Yuk” to apply to my stitched area and it tastes terrible. It will prevent me from licking that area so it doesn’t get sore.

I walk a little different now – I have a cool dog strut. I am going to “chill in my crib” with this stupid cone on my head for a while and take it easy

I told my obsessive mom that I would bite her if she took a photo of me with my cone head. She knows not to mess with the new “Bad Bad Dog” RUFF!
“My BFMs”(Best Friend Moms) also bought me a new black studded leather collar as a gift to cheer me up.  More Bling Bling to impress the ladies. Notice my more mature bark now. RUFF! RUFF! No Woof Woof anymore. I am a mature dog now.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Are you Tigger? We could make our home more fun if you wanted to work together.

I don’t think I talk the same language as the cats and that is why they don’t understand me and are afraid. I wish I could tell them how I feel. LET’S PLAY. DON’T HISS AT ME AND GIVE ME A CHANCE.

Monday, November 24, 2008


My old mom bought me a bomber jacket in brown leather. Next thing you know I will have a motorcycle and a role in the movie “Grease”.

ENJOY Thanksgiving and instead of playing the song “Who let the dogs out? “You should play “Who let the turkey out and where is it now?  “ Monday, December 1, 2008

CATS ARE S LUCKY IN COLD WEATHER Cats are so lucky – they don’t have to go out in the snow – they have all weather litter boxes.

Damn Cats! They are always laughing at me when I have to go outside in the snow and rain and they don’t have to. They have their all weather litter box. Sorry Mom – I cussed – how about “Darn cats!”? Friday, December 5, 2008 SANTA GAVE ME A NEW WINTER COAT

Check out my “COOL” winter coat. It is a name brand called “Foggy Mountain”. I wore it in Poconos on my walks near the lake and I was a WARM COOL DUDE!

I heard one man say ” Someone really spent some $ on that dog”.

I am a LOVED dog! 

If you want to read more about Ace, there are 2 books so far about Ace and his adventures. The books are titled “Ace Adventures” and “Ace the Man”. Ace Adventures’ ISBN number is 9781449596125. Ace the Man’s ISBN is 9781449597979. More Information on  Judy Walsh is  on this website:, or e-mail: . 

Judy Walsh, a new author who has lived in Chester County, PA for over 50 years. For most of my life I have had cats but on May 2008, I became a dog owner for the first time in 25 years. My dog has opened my eyes to new adventures and I wanted to write about them to amuse and teach others about pit bulls. I live for the moment with Ace and want to Laugh and have fun. I plan on writing more books about Ace and his future adventures.

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