How do I stop people from acting like know-it-all?

Question by 2_Cool_4_U: How do I stop people from acting like know-it-all?
There is this girl named Victoria and she thinks that she is rich just because she has a house, 2 cars, and 3 dogs. She cut her hair short like a boy and “donated it to cancer” (wink wink). She is always saying “oh I have THE BEST voice in this school and I KNOW that NO BODY can beat my voice!” Im TIRED of her always saying that she can beat everyone else. She even brought a ferret and when someone told the principal, she wasnt the best…she cried like a hungry baby without its mom. How can I show her up and show her how it feels to let people think that she is better than someone else. HELP!! Plus…we call her Icky Vicky but it doesnt bother her. She just threatens us by saying that she is gonna beat us up later so we all say it behind her back without her knowing. Plus…my best friend is HER best friend so what can I do???

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Answer by iwannabeurbestfriend
take her behind the school. beat her up then say it to her face ” Now who is the best ? “

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8 year old female dog acting odd?

Question by Amarie: 8 year old female dog acting odd?
“Molly” was in heat last week but the past 3 days “Molly” has been acting strange. She hides a lot, does not come when called, she ‘slinks’ around the house like she is being sneaky and acts scared to death of everything. Today I actually caught her eating bagged dog food. I know that doesnt sound odd but she has always refused to eat bagged food. I also saw her eating grass a few weeks ago. Someone told me that is a sign of worms so we gave her worm medicine. “Molly” has always tried to be the center of attention but now she doesnt want to be near anyone. It took me 30 minutes to find her hiding under the dresser today. I thought at first she was jealous of the new dog but she was pretty much raised on a farm around lots of animals so that shouldnt be it. She’s never acted this way before from being in heat. Do you think that maybe she is just getting old? Thanks!
Well, I guess I should have said she has been around other dogs her whole life so I dont think it is a jealously issue.
We treated her for worms because at the time she had been around puppies that DID have worms.
Yes, it is possible that she could be pregnant. I am hoping not but it is possible because we let her out to go potty yesterday and couldnt find her for a while.
We’ve had the other dog almost 2 months now but we also have 3 other dogs and “Molly” didnt act this way when we got them. She has always been the more aggressive one out of the bunch.

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Answer by iloveboys25
thats not normal get her checked out, take her to the vet

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Why is my dog acting this way?

Question by emmadropit: Why is my dog acting this way?
I am not sure whether this belongs in “pregnancy” or “dogs”, so I apologize if it is miscategorized. I am 5 and a half months pregnant, my husband and I have a 70lb rescue mutt (Emma). Since I began to really show over the past few weeks, Emma has become incredibly protective over me. She was protective to begin with, but this has gotten significantly worse (for lack of a better word) since I began to get large. She is always within 2 or 3 feet of me and does not want anyone to come near me. When my husband and I goof off (tickling, wrestling etc.), she thinks he is hurting me and gets in his face and growls. I am not complaining at all, and I am not worried she is going to hurt anyone, but I am a little confused. Has anyone had this happen? Can anyone offer input?

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Answer by Jennadog
This happened to me as well. My German Shepherd would lay with me on the couch, follow me everywhere, always make sure I was ok, etc. She was overly protective and always kept an eye on anyone that was near me. They know that you are more vulnerable when you are pg. I think that is why the feel the need to protect you more. Im sure they can tell that your scent has changed and obviously your shape. Something is different and she is just making sure you are ok.

My dog stopped protecting me after I had the baby. :)

Good luck with the new babe!

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