Question by Bandit.: How many people actually research what their dog is eating?

“We recommend Iams Puppy Chow in the yellow bag…for your Berners or some other high quality dog food. Bernese Mountain Pups grow very fast and you want to make sure they have a great balance of protien and other supplements. ”

…high quality?! Now I know this is a typical BYB [selling on a breed contract to ANYONE?!] But they say a growing Berner needs good nutrition and reccommend Iams?!

… -_-

My question is – how many people do actually research with regard to what their dog eats?

I took great delight in talking loudly to my brother about a cheap crappy supermarket food and pointing out that the “Lamb and Chicken” can contained 4% lamb and chicken while in a store today. 😛
There’s nothing wrong with buying in your price range, Julie. When we had a lot of cats it was hard to get the balance. But by giving him stuff that you know is good (fresh meat or fish) it’s a good thing. No need for the TD so have a TU from me! :)
Rayven – I was just browsing various breeders for the BMD and I found this website.. I’d love to see what these pups turn out like. They politely request that you get their elbows checked… o.0

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Answer by Dont Litter! Spay or Neuter
I do

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so I will actually be getting a female, which i wasn’t planning on but one of the girls tested really well so i am getting a black tri female and naming her… well you have to wait to find out! i am getting her sat, oct 2!!!

Question by mariajones1978: Does anyone know if “The Invisible Fence” for dogs actually works? What can you tell me about it?
My husband and I just moved into a house with a chain link fence. There are a few places in the perimeter where our dogs can squeeze through, crawl under or otherwise get out of the yard. We are looking for a cheap alternative to having a wooden privacy fence constructed and want to know if invidible fences work.

Can our dogs be injured by the electric shock? Since our dogs are all under 25 pounds, will the system work for them?

We have a lot of questions and any advice from actual users, former or current, of the product will be much appreciated.

Thank you!

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Answer by Posey
The shock is varied according to the size/weight of the dog and does not ever “hurt” it. They’re even ineffective on larger breeds.

The company we used actually only used electricity for the first two weeks. Every time we let the dog out, he wore a collar that would cause the shock when he stepped over the boundaries. Operant conditioning teaches him not to cross the line again after the two weeks, not actual electric shocks. I don’t know if all companies do that though.

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Question by Sir Hoochalot: Do the results of “dog breed selectors” actually match what breed(s) you have?
The Animal Planet one is a good one. Do you results match what breed(s) you actually have?

Mine don’t. Greyhound, Golden Retriever and Wheaten Terriers are the ones that usually come up in my results but I have a Staffy cross (though I’ve always loved Goldens). One test actually told me bully breeds were the breeds I should avoid. Me and my boy do ok together so I guess it proves such tests are too simplistic not be relied on completely, certainly not over real research. Great as a guide, but I don’t think you should base your choice on what breed to get on one of these tests fully. They were wrong about me.
KellyO, that’s basically what I have just said. Did I not say in my question that those tests are not to be relied upon? I just want to know whether people have the breeds that, according to the test, they’re supposed to have.
It seems to me people are not reading the whole question here.

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Answer by KellyO
The breed selecter is just a general guideline. It gives you an idea of what may suit you based on the information you put in. If you live in an apartment and have a sedentary life style, but love Golden Retreivers, the program won’t pick that up.

It’s a good place to start, but nothing replaces doing your own research – or even asking questions here on Yahoo.

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