Popular Dog News Site Announces Addition of a Behavior Therapist and Master Trainer

Popular Dog News Site Announces Addition of a Behavior Therapist and Master Trainer

Popular Dog News Site Announces Addition of a Behavior Therapist and Master Trainer

Boca Raton, FL (PRWEB) September 25, 2012

Dogington Post officially launched in March of this year, promising a forum of informative articles, newsworthy dog stories, health and breed information, and heartwarming videos for the most discerning dog lover. Dogington Post is the internet source of information for everything dog.

The site addresses current issues affecting dogs and their human parents. Articles on the site range from serious health concerns such as, “Are jerky treats killing dogs?” or “Can dogs get frostbite?” to lifestyle issues on feeding, grooming, and the overall well-being and mental health of dogs.

“We are well on our way to becoming the internet’s leading authority for all things dog-related. To that end, it’s important that we bring qualified professionals on board,” said Dogington Post’s Top Dog, Harlan Kilstein. “Dianne brings us 40 years worth of loving, living, working and learning about dogs. We are thrilled to have her join our team.”

Dianne’s true passion is her love of dogs, which began at a young age. She would train her dogs and her neighbor’s dogs to do silly tricks as a child. As quoted by Progressive Choices Ontario Women in Business, “her passion and skill with dogs is evident.”

Featured in Dog-Sport Magazine with her dog Tara and in Dogs of Canada, Dianne is a Behavior Therapist and a Master Trainer. She enjoys learning and teaching what she has applied and learned to help others succeed with their dogs.

“My mission is to educate owners to see things from a dog’s perspective rather than a human’s perspective,” said Dianne. “This reduces and clears up misunderstandings between the species. This greatly reduces the amount of dogs being surrendered, abandoned or euthanized, and creates a natural and appropriate human-animal bond.”

As a member of the Dogington Post team, Dianne will cover a great range of training and behavior modification topics, including help for owners whose dogs bark excessively; dogs who like to chase cats; leash training a dog; advice for dogs who are afraid to go to the vet; and even costuming a dog for Halloween.

Dianne’s advice articles will be available on the site’s front page and training page. Inquiring dog parents can find more from Dianne through her blog, The PeePress.

To find out more about Dogington Post and the addition of behavior therapist, Dianne Sarasin, visit http://dogingtonpost.com.

About Dogington Post:

DogingtonPost.com was created for the love of dogs. The site was conceived and built through the combined efforts of contributing experts, technicians and compassionate volunteers who believe the way one treats their dog is a direct reflection of the state of our society. Through the creation of a knowledge base that informs, uplifts and inspires, all dog lovers can make a difference. With an easy to navigate layout and plenty of information from knowledgeable sources, Dogington Post allows the reader to quickly find the information they seek.

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Question by Forgotten: In colorado, are service dogs “in training” allowed in a business in addition to a required service dog?
I would like to train my dog to become a service dog and I would like to know more about how to do this and can I take him with me in public?

Best answer:

Answer by ladystang
you get him to a certified trainer

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