Question by cnsdubie: How many horse owners would buy an additional bag of feed for a local rescue?
Ok, so this is a shameless attempt to spread an idea I’ve been cooking up.

If a reputable, established and trusted feed store had a display at the checkout counter to “Add a bag” for your local rescue (also reputable, with tax exempt status and veterinary reference) would you do it?

Basically I’m talking about paying for a bag of feed which would be credited to the rescue’s account, then the rescue would receive the donated bags when they come in for their regular monthly or weekly feed run.

There would have to be an accountability protocol. The stores would give receipts to the donors, the donors would submit these to the rescue for confirmation should a question arise and for tax purposes.

So, does anyone think it’s feasible? Angles I haven’t considered? Anybody want to run with it in their area?
One or two people doing this every month wouldn’t be much…but 25-30 sure would…

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Answer by upallniteowl
What a great idea. I would but one every time I bought feed for my animals.

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