Creates Blog to Advise Obama on White House Dog and Training Creates Blog to Advise Obama on White House Dog and Training

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) November 20, 2008

Train Pet Dog, a leading online resource guide for dog training is offering visitors to the site a chance to weigh in on what kind of dog breed President-elect Barack Obama should choose for the new White House pet and how he should raise and train the First Family’s new canine. When Obama enters the White House on January 20th he plans to make good on his promise to his two daughters, Sasha and Malia, and give 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue a new pet. Obama has already mentioned that he will need a hypoallergenic dog because of one of his daughter’s allergies and that he would prefer a dog rescued from a shelter but that still leaves a huge variety of breed to choose from including the Bichon Frise,Poodles and Miniature Schnauzers.

The White House has been home to a wide variety of dog breeds over the years including Richard Nixon’s cocker spaniel Checkers, Bill Clinton’s chocolate lab Buddy and most recently George Bush’s two Scottish terriers Barney and Miss Beazley. What kind of breed Obama will select has become a hot topic among the American public as the country’s love affair with dogs reaches the highest level of the government. Though the President-elect faces numerous challenges including a worsening recession, a $ 700 billion bailout of banks and mortgage lenders and a growing trade deficit the mood has been somewhat lightened with the news that he is also concentrating on appointing a new pet dog for the White House.

Obama has promised a transparent presidency and Train Pet Dog is eager to begin by allowing visitors to the popular dog training site a chance to offer suggestions for dog breeds as well as training tips for particular breeds that will help the Obama’s select a canine that reflects the new administration and the country’s first African American President. The blog on the site will create an online discussion thread with breed suggestions, dog training tips and even popular commands for the new dog such as catching Osama bin Laden when Obama says “Fetch”. The site is also offering visitors a chance to tie in top training commands with the current tasks facing the President-elect including barking when lobbyists are present and being on guard should special interest groups come calling.

Even with a new Vice President, Secretary of State and Attorney General taking office a lot of media attention will be focused on Obama’s new best friend and how their relationship will augur the message of change that defined his campaign. Because of this many people are suggesting the new White House dog should be a mutt and rescued from an animal shelter rather than an expensive pure breed. No matter what type of dog breed Obama ends up choosing there will be no shortage of advice and tips for training a particular breed or mutt. To join the discussion and offer your suggestions visit our : Obama doggy discussion blog.


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Question by Jenn: DS: Supplements needed? – Please advise, Thank you.?
Good morning DS – How are you all doing today?

So here is my question, Bella (Almost a year old now, yay!) has been on a raw diet for about 5? Months now, thanks to the advise on here that i’ve recieved. Lately I have switched to part raw and part kibble, as the little “princess” enjoys variety… and not just that of different types of raw, she wants kibble sometimes. So the kibble I feed her is Nature’s Logic (Supposed to be fantastic). The raw I switch up but I am still mainly on pre-packaged.

Now that you know the just of the feeding, I wanted to know why someone freaked out at me for not feeding my dog “supplements” … they failed to go in to detail as to what “supplements” I needed to give her so badly. I have had no problems with raw, but apparently this person had… They said their dog was ill because it didn’t get enough of “Certain stuff” as they put it. Due to their lack of knowledge when it came down to explaining what the hell they we’re talking about, I more so shrugged it off. Now, I would like to ask what you all think of this? Should I be adding supplements to my puppies diet? I know the raw I feed is 80% meat 20% bone, veggie, & fruit. Is there more to it that I should be feeding though? Any advise on this topic would be fantastic, Thank you.

For fun, what is the craziest thing a crazy person has yelled at you for?
@ ABPT – I never heard that before, the lady at the store said it was ok. I feed raw vs kibble on different days, not within the same meal. If anything it may be raw morning & kibble at night. Would that help to prevent the digestive issues?
@ APBT – Thanks, can you post a link for the forum, i’ve yet to be able to find it. Not sure if I can access it from work.

Best answer:

Answer by poodle power
Talk to your vet about this they can advice if they think it would be a good idea to add a vitamin supplement to your dogs diet and what one is best.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!