Question by Fly in the Ointment: Why is Fox “News” advocating terrorism to stop Health Care reform.?
Fox “News” is now advocating terror. Dick Morris, a Fox favorite, told his audience to “terrorize” their Congressman. He was talking about Blue Dog Senators in the Congress and said that they should be “terrorized” into not signing on to the Health Care Legislation. Fox has done nothing to stop this behavior. Do you think it is time for the Attorney General to look into Fox? Maybe a closer look at their inner workings and supporters could shed some light on the “fair and balanced” network. If any of the News networks like ABC,CNN,CBS,MSNBC etc. did this, they too would be in hot water with the Feds.

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Answer by Classical Liberal
I fully expect this administration to shut down Fox for not falling in line with the state-run media. I’m just trying to enjoy it while I can.

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