Q&A: It’s me again… about giving my dog up.?

Question by Avelyn: It’s me again… about giving my dog up.?
You see, from day one my husband “trained” my dog to be aggressive with him. He’d hold up a pillow or a blanket and get Marty to “attack” him. He’d let him chew on him and knaw on his knuckles. He’d played tug of war and get down on the ground with Marty and play with him like he’s another dog. So now, Marty pretty much is always on guard. He trusts me and strangers, and pretty much lets us do whatever to him… pet him, take him off the couch, etc. But with my husband it’s not the case. He’s on the defense around him. And if my husband needs Marty to get off the couch or bed, he just kicks him off. Or out of the blue, he’ll just slap Marty in the face (not hard, but irritatingly). So naturally, Marty gets in “attack” mode. And my husband is “shocked” when he gets snapped at. I think he does it on purpose so that Marty will bite him in the face and he’ll have a legitimate reason for me to get rid of Marty.

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Answer by Sara
See if you can get someone to adopt your husband… he sounds like a trouble maker.

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Small Dog Electronics burglarized yet again
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Question by Rob: The infamous “Dog Food Question” Again………..?
After seeing so many posts about dog food, and so many replies about dog food, I am yet to see “Canine Caviar” as a recommendation. I have been feeding my dogs “Canine Caviar Dry food” for months, and their teeth are pearly white, and coats really shiny. Since only one pet store carries it in my area, I decided to switch to wellness. Within a week, their coats became dull, and their coats were dry and less shiny.

How can Dog Food Analyses say canine caviar is a 3 star food, while wellness is 5?

Has anyone else ever heard of Canine Caviar? I will be honest, I never heard of it until my pet store recommended it.

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Answer by bettathang
I have personally never heard of it. None of the stores in my area carry it and I’ve never come across it in any of my internet-surfings.

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