Question by kwalkey: “What can a new homeowner do to fight a Home Owner’s Association against wood fences, what precedent’s?
“What can a new homeowner do to fight a Home Owner’s Association against wood fences, if the sales agent gave the buyer originally that the neighborhood was open to wood fences?”
Me and my wife were basically sold on the fact we could get a wood fence, for our two large dogs, and now we are being told we cannot. The sales agent told us we could when we decided to build the home? Any help?

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Answer by Kakoii90
You probably have no recourse against either the agent or the homeowner’s association. You agreed to the rules when you bought the house and it was your responsibility to read and understand them before doing so.
You could possibly try to sue your agent for knowingly making false statements but it will be very hard to prove.
Why not get some kind of fence that your association will aprove of or an invisible fence?

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Just in Time for July 4th — New Buzz Away Extreme — An 8 Hour Natural Repellent Effective Against Ticks, Mosquitoes and More

Just in Time for July 4th — New Buzz Away Extreme — An 8 Hour Natural Repellent Effective Against Ticks, Mosquitoes and More

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Large Green Foo Dog-Guards against Evil Spirit and Brings You Happiness!

Large Green Foo Dog-Guards against Evil Spirit and Brings You Happiness!

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Pair of Feng Shui Foo Dogs (fu dogs) are believed as the civilian door gods. They are placed in a pair to provide ultimate protection, guard against evil spirits and harmful people, nourishes chi that enters homes, bring in happy blessings. Their protective powers are deemed symbolic rather than actual and they are said to keep the bad chi away. One pair – the one playing with a ball under his foot is male and female is the other one with a little baby Fu Dog under her foot.

How to place it?

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A Dog May Help Guard Against Childhood Eczema

365.193: Bark in the Park

Image by WordRidden
Jeremy and I ambled along to the Bark in the Park dog show at Queen’s Park to see Richard, Wendy and Poppy the beagle – and a whole parkful of other cute doggies. It made me really, really want a dog, as if I didn’t already – preferably a wolf-like husky which would be completely incompatible with our small flat and my dog allergy. 🙁

A Dog May Help Guard Against Childhood Eczema
Title: A Dog May Help Guard Against Childhood Eczema Category: Health News Created: 9/30/2010 4:10:00 PM Last Editorial Review: 10/1/2010

A Dog May Help Guard Against Childhood Eczema
THURSDAY, Sept. 30 (HealthDay News) — Man’s best friend protects against eczema in young children, but his nemesis, the cat, does not, new research shows.
Read more on HealthDay via Yahoo! News

A Dog May Help Guard Against Childhood Eczema
But study found cats did not give the same protection.
Read more on HealthCentral

Question by Tyra Dobe: Do you think PeTa have gone to far? They want to end dog shows on TV – Vote and have your say against PeTa?
Interested in your opinions on this matter.

To Vote GoTo:

The article that appears in the above link:

Back in December, the BBC announced that it wouldn’t air the Crufts dog show because of concerns over purebred dogs’ health. Earlier this week, we told you that PETA is asking the USA Network, which broadcasts the Westminster Dog Show every February, to follow the BBC’s lead and discontinue coverage of America’s most prestigious dog show.

We suspected a lot of you would take issue with PETA’s premise: that breeding dogs for the show ring locks in genetic defects that, it argues, plague “as many as one in four purebred dogs … with a serious genetic problem.” But we were surprised by just how vocal you were: More than 300 of you have commented on the story so far.

Some of you agreed with PETA. Christine said, “I think it would be great if the USA Network dropped this show. Let’s do a special on the USA Network about all the adorable shelter dogs available!” And Carl S chimed in, “PETA is spot on. The AKC is about money and human arrogance, not about what’s in the best interest of dogs.”

Most of you, though, said the show must go on. “It is a total misconception that mixed breeds are more healthy than purebreds. Responsible breeders routinely screen for health problems. A mixed breed dog has no such testing and can inherit problems from many ancestors,” said Janet. And Purebred dog lover mused, “We are now in an era with the animal rightists trying to destroy and discredit breeders of purebred dogs. It must be duly noted that there are no health statistics kept on mixed breeds, just on purebred dogs. Who knows how many mixed breeds die of disease or breed problems gotten genetically from their mixed parentage?”

Many thanks for looking at this question and hopefully for voting on this topic.

I personally believe PeTa have gone too far and need to be stopped.

Please forward the link to as many dog people as possible to protect purebred dogs and our rights to watch broadcast conformation shows like Crufts and Westminster.
To add to this topic:

I am talking about reputable breeders that only breed to better their breeds – a decent breeder does not inbreed nor do they over breed (yung chelz).

A reputable breeder will not pump out puppies like a puppy mill – they are the ones who abuse dogs by breeding them from their first season and continuing to breed until the animal dies.

I own 2 Dobermann show dogs (In Australia) and I know my breeder very well, I know how many litters she has and how much work and money goes into having them health tested for genetic issues and I also know how much money she has spent bringing in new bloodlines from overseas. She does not breed for profit and she is very particular about who gets any of her puppies.

I sadly have to admit that there are those who do breed too many puppies without health testing or screening prospective owners and they tend not to produce Champion stock.. they are as bad as a puppy mill – I do not consider these as reputable breeders.

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Answer by yousayWHA?
I think Peta went to far when they founded themselves.

They have a good idea, but they’ve went too far with it and have been proven to make up a lot of their videos themselves.

Plus they can be damn annoying.

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