The Secret of Turning Recipes Into Riches: Shows New Authors How To Profitably Write, Publish and Promote a Specialty Cookbook Without Going Through The Hassle of Getting an Agent or Publisher

(PRWEB) November 20, 2004

The American Bookseller Association conservatively estimates that cookbooks represent over a 400+ million dollar a year industry. Based on these encouraging numbers, many first time authors, even some who have had absolutely no prior writing experience, are successfully publishing niche cookbooks and experiencing high sales volumes and profits due to the tremendous popularity of specialty cookbooks with many culinary oriented consumers.

The website notes that while many “newbie” cookbook authors struggle to enter this industry by connecting with a bona fide agent or publishing house, there is also a small, but blossoming group of savvy cookbook authors that are avoiding this hassle altogether and remarkably being rewarded with huge profits for bucking the system. These cookbook authors are taking a lesser known, but increasingly more lucrative route of writing, self-publishing and promoting their own specialty cookbooks from websites specifically designed for that purpose. By doing so, they are keeping all the profits from the sale rather than just relying on small advances against royalties from the publisher. This small group of authors have really tapped into a secret recipe for turning cookbooks into a cash cow business. Many of them consider this to be the ideal work at home business.

Some of these cookbooks are being published using print on demand and many are delivered in a totally digital “ebook” format which has further skyrocketed the profits that these maverick cookbook authors are enjoying due to the very low expenses associated with product and delivery costs. The Internet has turned cookbook publishing into a stealth home based business opportunity that is still ripe for aspiring cookbook writers.

One successful cookbook author, Willie Crawford, who has had sales exceeding $ 100,000 for his best-selling cookbook, Soul Food Recipes, has organized and joined forces with two other prominent cookbook authors to teach budding cookbook writers how to successfully write, publish and promote a cookbook on a dedicated website without the need for an agent or publisher who usually gets the lion’s share of the profits.

Willie Crawford, an inspirational figure, is a literal rags-to-riches story. He has launched many successful business enterprises on the Internet since breaking out of his impoverished roots where he was expected to become nothing more than a “dirt farmer.” Mr. Crawford enjoys motivating and empowering other people to become successful by taking charge of their financial lives just as he has done. He recently stated that “so many people have thought of writing their own cookbook and we cleared up the confusion.”

The two other respected cookbook authors that have contributed to this informative and groundbreaking teleseminar are Stephen Block and Jack Humphrey. Mr. Block has written, among other things, a book on traditional German recipes that has been very well received by the public and Mr. Humphrey has recently written a very unusual but popular book on dog recipes called The Healthy Pooch Cookbook .

Recordings and transcripts of this sold-out teleseminar are now available for download at which is a website operated by the eSuccess Publishing Group.

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