Question by juliefreebird: My Mom’s dog (Shitz Tzu) gets very aggitated when there are “ticking” noises?
ie: bug zappers, ticking clocks, air ionizer. When turned off he is fine, what causes this? My Mom has been the dogs only owner and there have been no previous bad experiences that we remember.

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Answer by lucyshines49
Lol I have the same breed with the same problem. I think, at least, with my dog it plan scares her. She will sit on me and I can feel her shake. Maybe it hurts there ears also. Once the noise has gone she is a happy camper. I too am the only owner she has ever had. I live very quietly and I think that attributes to the problem. They are just not use to it and it is scary. I tell everyone she is an “old peoples’ dog lol thus the strange little quirks.

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