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At Home Dog Training For A Well-Behaved Dog: Dog Training Tips That Really Work For Dog Obedience, Forming Good Dog Behavior, Stopping Dog Barking, Dog Aggression And Other Dog Behavior Problems

Just about every dog, no matter what breed, will have some bad habits and behaviors that you will need to break. Some behavioral problems stem from the genetics of the breed of your dog. You must teach your dog from the beginning what is acceptable or not. Leaving it to a later stage will be harder for you and harder for him to learn as he will be much more set in his ways. In this book, you will learn different ways to deal with each of the unacceptable behaviors from your dog. You will get tra

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What is Socialization & Why Does My Dog Need It?

Socialization-DogsYou hear trainers and dog people talking all the time about “socialization” and how it is important for the well-being of your dog. But what exactly is socialization, how does it work, and why is it so necessary for your puppy or older dog?

“Socialization” is the term used for the process of training your dog to be properly behaved around other people and animals, toward strange objects, and in different places other than your home or yard without fear or aggression. It is the fundamental learning process by which all puppies and older dogs learn the rules and regulations of the family and community in which they live.

Typically, a new puppy comes into your family between 8 to 12 weeks of age. At this point in his development, your puppy is going through what animal behaviorists call the “fear” imprinting stage. This means that any puppy is especially vulnerable at this time to finding certain stimuli particularly alarming, and will ingrain that fear into his personality unless you – as his pet parent – do something to alleviate the problem.

A good example of this is the puppy that gets swatted with a rolled-up newspaper when he has a potty training accident in the house. From this point on, that puppy might see the newspaper and the person who swats him as something frightening – even though the newspaper is not physically painful, it can be loud and scary to a little puppy.

A more dominant puppy might grow up to aggress against that particular stimulus – tearing up the newspaper at every opportunity, and never really bonding with the person who smacked him with it. Your more passive dog might resort to cowering in a corner or submissive urination.

Additionally, your puppy that is never exposed to other dogs or people won’t really learn the rules of long-established canine behavior. He might jump on any strange person in an attempt to get attention, or be so repressed he won’t be able to handle anyone else touching him. Your puppy might not understand that the dog in the dog park doesn’t really want to share his food – and so be open to attack and injury.

Puppies with issues like this can grow into fearful, aggressive dogs that attack anyone who comes in the yard, or who won’t let the veterinarian touch them for the annual exam. They can become the dogs with separation anxiety so bad that they tear up the house when you leave them alone.

Your job as a pet parent is to introduce your new puppy to different experiences, people, and animals. Just like the mother dog teaches her litter in a controlled environment, you need to be able to protect your puppy from anything that frightens him and slowly allow him to do more and more on his own.

With the right kind of training and proper socialization, your puppy can grow in confidence as he grows in size, and mature into the beautiful, friendly, happy dog you want him to be.

Aggression: Aggression (Simple Solutions Series)

Aggression: Aggression (Simple Solutions Series)

Aggressive behavior is the most common problem canine behaviorists encounter. This book answers commonly asked questions about aggressive behavior with helpful tips and easy-to-follow solutions.


Dog Aggression: Biting

Dog Aggression: Biting

In this DVD lecture, veterinarian and animal bahaviorist Dr. Ian Dunbar addresses one of the most worrying behavior problems any dog owner can face – dogs that bite. Dealing with canine aggression necessitates a comprehensive understanding of its underlying causes. In his characteristically entertaining and enlightening style, Dr Dunbar offers a thoughtful analysis of why dogs bite, outlining numerous common-sense prevenatative measures and a variety of practical remedial training techniqu

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Pitbull Controlled Aggression

Pitbull controlled aggression

A dog fed a natural diet eating a fish.
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Aggressive Dog Behavior Training Professional Announces Surge In Aggression

Aggressive Dog Behavior Training Professional Announces Surge In Aggression

Aggressive Dog Behavior Surges

Tucson, AZ (PRWEB) February 22, 2012

Tucson, Arizona’s aggressive dog training specialist, Gerard Raneri of Bark Busters Tucson, is reporting a surge in aggressive dog behavior throughout 2011 and heading into 2012. Mr. Raneri links the increase in aggression to the economic downturn, that an increase in pressure and tension is trickling down to the pet population.

The training firm credits financial uncertainty as leading to fewer people seeking professional help with serious behavior problems. Families are putting off getting help with dominance and aggressive behavior being displayed by their pets and the problems when not faced early get worse.

“It starts out for many with their dogs showing lower level signs of dominance,” said Mr. Raneri, behavior specialist, adding “The longer your dog isn’t socialized or the longer your dog gets to misbehave the harder it is to reeducate your dog and us humans as well.”

The financial uncertainty is leading to an increase in dog population at rescue agencies and being euthanized. According to the Center for Disease Control an estimated 368,245 people were treated for non-fatal dog bite related injuries with 42% of bites occurring in among children aged 14 and younger.

“Families experiencing aggressive behavior from their family dog owe it to themselves to get help to eliminate the aggression right away,” said Mr. Raneri, adding, “Do not wait until tragedy has struck.”

About Bark Busters Tucson,

Gerard Raneri has been helping families correct aggressive dog behavior since 2009 and has been regular contributor on KVOA TV. No problem behavior is untreatable, if you want to end aggressive behavior, have a breed that other trainers refuse to work with or are close to giving up on your dog, call now to discuss how Gerard can help you.


Gerard Raneri, Master Trainer



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