Question by Jake Sully®- Is Dirty: DS: What’s a method of training you don’t agree with and why?
I just want to learn why some methods of training are outdated and which ones are swamped with flaws. So it would be helpful it you listed some training methods that you think are ridiculous or outdated. These can be based on you on opinion, but it would help if you added factual information or personal experience. It can be on almost any training method or even a training technique ( Ex: Clicker, or a method Alpha Roll.

Thanks to all those who answer/star.

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Answer by Aphrodite ☼Dobe uses a PRONG
– Koehler – in some respects, not all (a lot of physical compulsion training and correction training was based on Koehler but then expanded)
– Alpha Roll

– Clicker training – not proven to be 100% proofed training
– Positive Reinforcement – DEFINITELY not proven to be 100% proofed training. My favourite quote on positive reinforcement training for dogs: ““If you think back to the ’40s, people were very strict with mothers and babies. Now pediatricians and schools and parents have swung to a reinforcement-based model”
And look at how well that has worked! Little Suzy has lots of self-esteem, buts she’s a shallow attention whore with zero self control and an entitlement complex and we have to use anti-depressants and Ritalin to keep her manageable. No thanks, I prefer my dogs to have discipline and obedience.”

Schutzhund is my favourite :)

ADD: Since when was hitting and yelling used as methods of training? LOL Like the 1800’s???
Get it straight – there IS a difference between “negative reinforcement” and corrections. Corrections done properly DO NOT hurt the dog or his feelings 😉 lol

@Brooke – and it’s HILARIOUS. I mean if someone tried to baby Quattro….they would be on here the next day asking “I need to re-home my crazy Doberman, any ideas?” LOL

ADD2: For the people getting upset about people that don’t like clicker training – I’m hearing a lot that we shouldn’t bash something we don’t understand and that some things work for different people. I agree with that. BUT there are some breeds that this just wouldn’t work for. Dobermans are one of them – they are a VERY dominant breed and they work best with compulsion/correction. Some other breeds are more submissive and thus would be easier to train with “marker training”.
I do understand clicker training, I just personally have no use for it and would appreciate to be respected for that as well :)

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“Pet Agree”, should i buy?

Question by Feathers In My Fur: “Pet Agree”, should i buy?
People told me to use this product called a “E-collar” which uses shock training. I don’t like that kinda stuff, so after surfing the web for awhile I found this product called “Pet Agree” for training.

The link above shows what it is. Does anyone have any opinions on it? Or can give me further information on it such as can it work for any command? What exactly makes it different from a dog whistle or a normal voice command? Or anything else that could help me so I know what exactly it does further than just making a sound.

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Answer by rate86
By reading the reviews, it sounds to me like it is hurting their ears and they are afraid of it. I do not care for shock collars or anything like that. I guess this is an alternative but it still sounds like the noise it makes hurts the dogs ears, the one guy said just by showing his dog the device it will listen , sounds a little harsh to me. Its like after beating the dog with newspaper if you show the dog newspaper it is going to be scared.

I would invest in dog school for the dog and yourself. this will help both of you out without hurting the other one. Good luck.

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City officials agree to further support Muskogee Fairgrounds

City officials agree to further support Muskogee Fairgrounds
The Agriculture Building on the Muskogee Fairgrounds dates to before the 1920s, while the arena was built in the late 1960s. The Muskogee Finance Committee agreed to renew its agreement with the Fairgrounds Trust Authority on a yearly basis.
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The Bark in the Park is here
7:30 Registration for 5K Begins at CAPS Tent 8 a.m. stretch for 5K at the main stage led by Angela Hemauer-Keyser of Body Balance,
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Dog Biting Issues – Legal Changes – Dog Obedience Problems Lead to Legal Issues
Dog Biting Problems reports in a post on a recent Pit Bull attack on a woman in North Carolina once again gave rise to the issue of dog biting and dog aggression – particularly with Pit Bull terriers and how to stop dog biting.
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Dog Owners Agree That 2006 will be the Year of the Dog

Dog Owners Agree That 2006 will be the Year of the Dog

Lexington, KY (PRWEB) December 17, 2005

According to the Chinese calendar 2006 will be The Chinese Year Of The Dog. Those born under this sign are said to be honest, quiet, intelligent, generous, stubborn, loyal and faithful to those they love. For some dog lovers that’s how they see their pets, and keeping them healthy is a big priority.

The past year has seen an increased emphasis on dog health and owners being more proactive in finding answers. Pets are seen as “human” to many owners and are considered to be part of the family. As a result many people are choosing to adopt and care for pets from shelters and other organizations.

The Most Common Dog Health Problems Are:

1. Infections of all kinds. Many dogs suffer some type of infection, with ear infections being the most common, followed by urinary tract infections, eye infections, and other miscellaneous infections.

2. A close second to infections are skin ailments such as hot spots, flea allergy, and dermatitis.

3. Arthritis mostly due to old injuries, such as broken bones.

4. Benign growth such as tumors, warts, or cysts.

5. Problems caused by heart ailments such as dilated cardiomyopathy due to deficiencies and genetics.

6. Being overweight, followed by digestive problems.

Dog owners are becoming health advocates in the care of their pets. ‘How To Keep Your Dog Healthy,’ is a new book that equips dog owners with the knowledge base to improve the lives of their pets. It is not intended to replace the family veterinarian, but to create health awareness among dog owners. Pet health books that use the “How To” approach work well because people want answers fast. A health reference that can explain in common everyday language , and provide step by step care instructions to dog owners is needed. Any resource that can help dog owners improve their dogs health and keep track of all their pets medical and treatment information will prove beneficial.

“How To Keep Your Dog Healthy” is intended to serve the average pet owner as a practical guide to dog health. They usually want specific answers to a specific questions. For them, a book on the general health care of dogs is a reference manual to which they turn whenever the need arises.

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release (or for a downloadable sample), contact Winfred Jennings or visit “How To Keep

Your Dog Healthy” has been released in Ebook Format for immediate download.


Winfred Jennings, Author

How To Keep Your Pet Healthy


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Vocus, PRWeb, and Publicity Wire are trademarks or registered trademarks of Vocus, Inc. or Vocus PRW Holdings, LLC.

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Do you agree with the following statement?

Question by marwash: Do you agree with the following statement?
“If the decision was placed on my shoulders and mine alone, i would undoubtedly let every cat and dog in the world die a painful death, to cure AIDS and all forms of Cancer”.

We had this posed to us in my Ethics class last semester and to my surprise the majority of the class wrote their paper in support of NOT letting the animals die. I found it ridiculous that people could logically, and with a straight face argue against curing diseases which kill millions of PEOPLE, only to benefit the lives of animals. Listening to what people wrote, they seemed to have gotten hung up on the word “painful”, as if it mattered whether or not the animals died quickly or were tortured before death. To me it’s outrageous to think animals and humans are equal on any level.

What do you think?
To be clear, this didn’t just come out of thin air. The assignment was contrived after PETA representatives and other organizations did an awareness thing; which was mostly about animal testing.

Best answer:

Answer by DJB
HELL NO! Animals have just the right as humans do who ever said that statment is a complete dip sh1t.

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Question by Macy: Do you agree with what this agility “expert” said?
“Show dogs are not recommended to do agility because you risk injuring them and they might build too much muscle, thus changing their shape, etc, changing their appearance.”

Do you agree? Give your reasons.

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Answer by ljb
I would say any good breeder of any good dog would disagree that musculature would change their dogs appearance in the wrong way.

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Don’t you agree?

Question by Checkers- the -Wolf: Don’t you agree?
I’ve read various stuff about people being againest others who want to breed their dogs purebred or wanting to do a mix. Personally I like dogs of various breeds. Designer dogs such as: Labradoodles which originated in Australia around the 70s and/or 80s where bred for blind people with allergies. Since the labrodor has excellent guide dog abilites and the poodle has hypo-allergic coat.

I hate reading stuff like: “Don’t breed your dog” adopt one from a shelter” or this one “don’t buy a purebred, get one from a shelter, there’s too many pets in need of homes already!”

I’m totally aware of that and I feel sorry for them. It is a good idea to have your dog fixed for various reasons. But nonetheless I get tired of reading stuff like this.

Not everyone can afford to buy a purebred dog or possibly a designer. Also I imagine most people don’t want a shelter dog either since they might be: seniors, have special needs or have a mental disorder of some sort. Don’t you agree?
I mean seriously, a dog is a dog regardless of being a purbred or mixed.
I once had a Beagle mix (1993-2004) she was a good dog but she did have a ‘problem’ we got her from a rescue but we think she was abused before we got her cause she was afriad of people, especially men. I currently live a pug and beagle. Both are purebreds and the best of friends.

Best answer:

Answer by Jordan
Yes! I agree with you totally! I said something like this a few days ago.

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